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“Thank you to Joe for his hard work! He is a top man! Very nice to have such a cheerful service. I would also like to thank Dominique for her patience and knowledge. She was very clear with her explanation which helped build my confidence in Powerflush. My problem has now been solved. ”

Mr Whitt | Nottinghamshire | 24th August 2011


“I had Richard powerflush my home, I had great service and he was very professional. Thank you.”

Andrew | Buckinghamshire | 22nd August 2011


“Lee Duffield completed our Powerflush today, having had to wait partway through for our plumber to replace the hot water cylinder! Lee was presentable, polite, a clean, efficient worker, and a delightful person all round. We would heartily recommend him to anyone.”

BP Gould | London | 15th August 2011


“Thanks, your engineer Kostas has appeared to do a very satisfactory job...he was very thorough. Mr Harris”

Mr Harris | London | 15th August 2011


“I am really satisfied by the service we received from Kostas last Monday. What a lovely guy and a brilliant example of great workmanship He arrived dead on time and worked solidly for hours to sort out our boiler problems. We no longer have the awful banging noises we have been experiencing for some time. We have recommended Powerflush to friends who live nearby, here in Islington, and I am sure that they will be contacting you. I phoned you to ask if they do contac you, would you please send Kostas along.”

Brenda Faulkner | London | 14th August 2011


“I had my Central Heating system Powerflushed by Shaun last Tuesday. What a pleasant and professional young man he was. He arrived on time - even a bit early - and proceeded to smoothly undertake the necessary procedures with no fuss whatsoever. At the end of the work he cleaned up so well that you would not be aware that anything had been done. I would not hesitate to recommend his service to anyone who is contemplating having their system cleaned.”

Peter Claridge | East Sussex | 12th August 2011


“So pleased with Sam and the service from Powerflush. Sam arrived half an hour early, can you believe, was very patient with all my questions and explained what he was doing throughout the visit. A very pleasant young man and an advert for the company. Thanks too to Heather and the other office staff. To be promised a call and actually get it means a lot to me - so many firms do not keep their promises. Well done, everyone.”

Audrey Lomas | Hampshire | 12th August 2011


“Earlier today Mr Shaun Aldridge as arranged (10 mins. early in fact) to Powerflush our heating system. This he did in a pleasant and efficient manner. My wife and I were impressed by the the confident and cheerful way he worked throughout the morning explaining what he was doing at every stage of the operation, We would have no hesitation in recommending him and the system to any of our friends. ”

W.Chamberlain | East Sussex | 4th August 2011


“Only One word to describe Lee and his work "EXCELLENT". My system is 35 years old and it has never been touched. There was loads of muck coming out the system it was very shocking. Lee did a great job. I am very happy I came across your advert.”

Mrs Brown | Essex | 2nd August 2011


“Your engineer Shaun was great , he did the job fantastically and was no trouble to have in my home at all. Many thanks.”

David Johnson | East Sussex | 1st August 2011


“Good job well done: Lee also went the extra mile. Where a lot of people might stop, he kept on going that little bit further”

John McCreesh | London | 28th July 2011


“Shaun did such a fantastic job at our house. He was honestly such a joy to have around. Not your typical non-smiling plumber! He is such a Brilliant guy. I wish all engineers could be more like him. Our problem has now been solved thanks to Shaun!!! ”

Mr & Mrs Whitely | West Sussex | 28th July 2011


“The engineer was very professional and did an excellent job with really high standards ! Was very clean and explained the procedure very well. He also explained to me in detail how the whole heating system works in my flat which was REALLY helpful,since when I came here I tried to figure it out everything by myself but still had some questions about the whole thing! Would surely recommend this company and certainly will be using it again in the future ! Worth every penny ! (Well Done Joe!)”

C Krastev | Bristol | 27th July 2011


“Richard did a marvellous job. Very professional, timely and reliable. Highly recommended.”

Mr Edige | Hertfordshire | 25th July 2011


“I had Kostas come through today, he was wonderful. I couldnt believe how much dirt has come out of my system. Thank You!”

Mrs Walsh | Herefordshire | 25th July 2011


“I am very very happy. Kostas was very efficient and very clean! No complaints”

Angus. M | London | 21st July 2011


“I am very pleased with the work that Joe did at my property.”

Mr T Thompson | Leicester | 21st July 2011


“I had Barry and Seteve come round to my house this morning at 8am. Barry came with his house slippers and Steve left his boots outside. Barry and Steve got to work straight away and they were very professional in there attitude. Both worked really hard and gave me really excelent advise on how to keep ther good work going long after they have left. Once the flushing was done they checked all the rads and the system thoroughly to make sure all was ok. Once I was happy they also cleaned up so well that, you wouldn\'t of known they have been in your house. Best ever company I have delt with.”

Jit Mistry | London | 20th July 2011


“Just wanted to comment on a fantastic job completed by your heating engineer Joe Newman. Thanks, Mr Sully.”

Mr Sully | Birmingham | 18th July 2011


“Had Barry Nichols around today and what an engineer! 3 words: Pleasant, friendly, efficient. Thanks to your company.”

Mrs Rauscher | London | 15th July 2011


“I thought Mick Pinder was brilliant, he really knows his trade inside and out and I was please to see that. Cheers Powerflush”

Andy Herd | Peterborough | 15th July 2011


“I was most impressed with Lee. He was extremely efficient, friendly, informative and has done an excellent job. I will highly recommend Powerflush to anyone who is prepared to listen! ”

Eileen Lewis | Kent | 14th July 2011


“I had Barry around today and I can honestly say my radiators have never been hotter in their long life!I like Barry as he was polite and agreeable, something rarely seein trade work these days. Thanks for all the advice Barry!”

Mr Manning | Wokingham | 13th July 2011


“An ingenious, efficient and effective system for cleaning out the central heating system carried out by Shaun Aldridge, an efficient, hard working, competent, very pleasant and most helpful engineer who clearly enjoys is work and who explained the whole procedure at the beginning and the end plus the mysteries of piping. I never knew what pipe went where and did what. We were most impressed. 12th July 2011”

Anthony Palmer | East Sussex | 12th July 2011


“Shaun was wonderful!!! Not only is he a hard worker and made my house very warm, But he is also a charmer and very polite. It was a pleasure being in his company which helped my nerves considering I am in my late 80s and living alone. I would also like to the office staff as they were very helpful and did a great job explaining what to expect from Shaun on the day. I am very impressed over all! ”

Betty | London | 6th July 2011


“Alun Jones is a really nice guy and we are extremely pleased with his work, would be happy to recommend him and the service. Thank you.Diolch yr fawr!!”

June Mordey | Herefordshire | 5th July 2011


“Pleased with Micheal Pinders work today. Could not believe how gunked up my heating system was! Much Obliged”

Matthew | Peterborough | 5th July 2011


“Richard did a really good job. All went well. ”

Mr T Poots | Coventry | 30th June 2011


“From the beginning to the end Sam did a very very great job. I cannot emphasis enough how helpful and professional Sam was. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone who needs a power flush!!! ”

P.Witz | London | 22nd June 2011


“Joe did an excellent job. He arrived right on time. It was evident he was working extra hard. Thank you Powerflush. ”

Mrs Lovegrove | Birmingham | 22nd June 2011


“Just a note to say how pleased I was with Colins hard work. He was a nice young man who explained things and cleared up beautifully at the end! I was very happy with his service and attitude! Mrs M. Hatchard New Malden”

Mrs Hatchard | Surrey | 22nd June 2011


“Barry did a BRILLIANT JOB!!!! He explained everything excellently. He was Magnificent!!! I am amazingly happy with his great effort. He even recommended things to help keep my system in its great condition.”

Nicki | London | 21st June 2011


“Lee was absolutely wonderful. He was VERY helpful and worked very hard! ”

Mrs Larkens | London | 21st June 2011


“We have put up with lukewarm water since a new boiler was fitted and the plumber didn't clean out the system. Our boiler engineer mis-diadnosed the problem and blamed it on mixer taps, but thanks to Powerflush and most especially to Lee, we're now able to have a steaming hot bath for the first time in years. We can recommend Powerflush unreservedly: from the initial phone conversation with Ross in which everything was explained clearly, to Lee's visit during which he worked incredibly hard (even managing to install the pump outside under a tree so as not to wake our baby, and putting down cloths on the floor to avoid muddy footprints on a rainy day). First class. A gem of a company. Thankyou.”

Tom & Hilary | London | 20th June 2011


“Having had my system Powerflushed it is just so much quieter and more efficient. Although I was a bit shocked at the cost it was worth every penny. Many thanks Barry.”

Jackie Cuthbert | Buckinghamshire | 20th June 2011


“Sam Aldridge did a fantastic powerflush job at my home yesterday. Great guy..thank you.”

Anonymous | London | 15th June 2011


“We were extremely happy with the work that Kostas did for my tenants property today. He worked very hard and was very friendly and cheerful. We intend to use Powerflush Ltd again and again. We would highly recommend this company to anyone who needs to get their system cleaned out.”

Meadow Building Services Ltd | London | 10th June 2011


“Lee Duffield did a wonderful job at our house today! He was very tidy and made much effort to ensure I was informed of what I am doing and asked premission before doing anything. Very Conscientious! ”

Mr & Mrs Palser | Essex | 10th June 2011


“I was really happy with Shaun Aldridge\'s work. He had to come out to my place twice because of a leak which prevented him from carrying out the flush on the first visit. He was really helpful in explaining the (many) problems with my water system and was extremely professional and friendly. I definitely recommend him! ”

Tara Sabi | London | 7th June 2011


“Richard was truly a hero! He worked very hard all day doing whatever it took to get the heating system to work!”

Mr A Gates | Cambridgeshire | 6th June 2011


“I was very please with Sam's work today. He didn't even stop for a cup of tea, explained everything to me, good experience over-all, Thank you”

Glen Doherty | London | 3rd June 2011


“I had Richard round last Friday. He was very thorough and explained what he was doing as he did it. He arrived at 7.30 and had to contend with my rather lively dog. Had to literally force him to have coffee!!!! I would highly recommend both Powerflush and Richard. Thank you ”

Terry Batten | Reading | 1st June 2011


“I have had Mick Pinder from Hull with me all of today. Mick arrived at 8am sharp, and only left after a full day of showing me how dirty my radiators used to be! He has done an excellent job, and I am very grateful, thank you.”

Roy Coulson | Oldham | 1st June 2011


“I was very impressed with Daniels work. He was very good. He explained everything very well...He really did know his stuff!!”

Mr C Ward | Slough | 1st June 2011


“We have referred a job to Powerflush as a result of their reputation and we can honestly say we will be referring many more jobs in the future. We are very satisfied with the quality of the work Barry did. Barry spent 2 days doing the powerlfush to ensure he hasn't compromised the work and this shows he is an honest hard worker.”

R & G Plumbing Supplies | Surrey | 31st May 2011


“Joe Newman did a VERY good job at my house. I am very happy and pleased with the outcome and the service. I am glad I chose this company. ”

R. Davies | Birmingham | 31st May 2011


“I'm very pleased I chose Powerflush. Shaun was punctual, polite and very efficient. He took the trouble to explain each stage to me. I am recommending the company to my friends”

Mrs G Pile | West Sussex | 30th May 2011


“We are so satisfied with the work carried out by Sam. He worked very hard. We are very Happy overall. ”

Mr & Mrs Colins | London | 28th May 2011


“I'm very happy with Joseph Newman! Fantastic powerflushing of my central heating system, friendly chap. Will recommend.”

Mr Brent | Coventry | 27th May 2011


“Shaun Aldridge was excellent. He explained everything clearly and demonstrated the effect of what he was doing and was friendly and efficient with it. Thank you Shaun.”

Mark Kirby | Kent | 27th May 2011