Power Flushing Bristol

Comments for Bristol

“Just to say how pleased we were with the service given by Alan. He was professional and confident which is so important when trusting one's central heating system to someone you've never met!We have yet to get it up and running as it is not central heating weather but we are sure it will be fine. He was very meticulous and cleaned up fully before leaving. Thank you.”

Mike Bulpitt | Bristol | 10th May 2013


“Excellent service which has cured a longstanding problem, I was considering a new boiler but now no need. Engineer was excellent, arrived listened to the problem, instead of going ahead advised we put some cleaner into the system and leave for a week. He returned today and efficiently went about his business. Heating now working better than it ever has.”

Richard Berry | Bristol | 10th April 2012


“The engineer was very professional and did an excellent job with really high standards ! Was very clean and explained the procedure very well. He also explained to me in detail how the whole heating system works in my flat which was REALLY helpful,since when I came here I tried to figure it out everything by myself but still had some questions about the whole thing! Would surely recommend this company and certainly will be using it again in the future ! Worth every penny ! (Well Done Joe!)”

C Krastev | Bristol | 27th July 2011


“My heating system was very inefficient and because of the symptons my plummer (Andrew Lillington) recommended I get in touch with Powerflush. I am delighted I took his advice as my system is working fine since Alun Jones used his magic. Alun is a friendly Welchman and obviously an expert in the field of heating systems. The work was done efficiently and cleanly and in the end except for a heating system which is now working fine I would not know the job had been done. I thank all concerned and of course would recommend Powerflush to anyone who has a similar problem. ”

Albert Verstage | Bristol | 2nd May 2011


“I am a Heating engineer who recommends Powerflush Ltd and I was most impressed with the work Alun Jones did today for Mr Rigby, the customer I recommended to Powerflush. Alun worked in a professional manner and his experience and knowledge of the customers system was second to none. First class peformance.”

James Bodenham (Heating Engineer) | Bristol | 18th April 2011


“Alun, arrived on time, was very polite, professional, friendly and tidy. I expected a lot more mess but he was careful to cover flooring, so I was very pleased with the results I would recommend him and Powerflush to others (already have actually)”

Sandra Clare | Bristol | 12th August 2010


“Alan travelled to Devon to powerflush my system, he was punctual, friendly, informative and carried out a superb job. Couldnt believe what came out of the system but very relieved to know that it is now fully protected and clean.Well worth the process for future peace of mind. ”

PETER MCCULLAR | Bristol | 29th June 2010


“A very good job carried out by Alun who was very pleasant and enjoyed a cup of coffee with me, the whole company has impressed me.”

Mr Organ | Bristol | 3rd March 2010


“Dear Tarquin, I want to congratulate you on solving our nine-year long heating problem. When our plumber finally decided that a specialist should be called he recommended Powerflush Ltd. The amount of dirt removed was quite startling. However a problem still remained in that half the radiators refuse to warm properly. It is at this point that I felt particularly confident in Powerflush because you returned and charged only your actual cost. It was during this visit that you found the problem to be a closed valve in an unexpectedly complicated system. I will certainly recommend Powerflush without any hesitation. Yours sincerly.”

Anthony Hooper | Bristol | 10th February 2009