Make your life easy - Recommend POWERFLUSH ltd

We specialise in carrying out Power flushing and would like you to recommend us.

  • Want to stick to installing boilers and not cleaning rust from existing radiators and pipes?
  • Is black sludge in heat exchangers or pumps the cause of many call outs?
  • Too busy or don't enjoy Powerflushing?

POWERFLUSH Ltd always pass back installation and service work (we only do Powerflushing - we don't poach customers).

Equipped with domestic and commercial Power flush machines with powerful magnet filters, SDS radiator vibrators, and pH / TDS / thermal meters to ensure systems are left clean, pH neutral and Rust Inhibited.

Not only are we Experienced, Courteous and Enthusiastic but we also provide customers with a Guarantee Certificate.

Cost Structure

The first 7 radiators, towel rail etc + boiler are charged at £450

Each additional panel, towel rail etc are charged at £35

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