Working for PowerFlush



If you understand heating systems, are organised and care about doing a good job for customers. Powerflush Ltd needs engineers like you from Oct to Mar (6 months) and part time in spring/summer. Our engineers earn a decent wage and enjoy life without too much stress.

The head office supports you by finding the work, booking in the jobs and dealing with the admin but we need you to do a great job powerflushing and communicate with the customers and heating engineers we work with.

At Powerflush 90% of our work is from recommendations from other heating professionals. If sometimes there is a secondary problem not resolved by powerflushing, you communicate with the customer and the heating engineer who gave us the job and explain what you found so they can do the next step to get the system working.

Our team is a diverse mix of young engineers beginning their careers and older engineers looking to slow down (hernias, knees, wrists etc), powerflushing isn’t as physical as other plumbing/heating work but you need to use your brain and be good at powerflushing! Our powerflush engineers are self- employed and are not VAT registered. Our engineers call each other to ask for advice on jobs (or more likely to rub in who’s team won or lost) … we are friendly and happy to support each other.

We always flush hot through the boiler, ideally connected to primaries, use pump face adapters on combis, always use PF magnet filters, use non-acid and acid chemicals where appropriate. We are always learning and sharing the knowledge because when we think we know it all… something weird happens that lets us know we didn’t.
So if you understand heating systems, are organised, like the fact marketing and most admin is done for you, prepared to take the occasional go back on the chin, realistic that we can get solid work in winter (6 months) and some in spring/summer then contact us for a chat and let’s get you powerflushing.

Interested? Then fill in your details below or call us on 0800 731 7931

Want to earn £50 each time you refer powerflush jobs?