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“Daniel worked really hard and did a great job and he was sick as a parrot when the system did not work at the end of the job. This was soon rectified as he had correctly spotted in addition to requiring cleaning the motorised valve was not working and needed replacing. Thanks Daniel”

Mr Shields | Hampshire | 17th February 2010


“I had Barry assist with the Powerflush. I am very pleased as he was so helpful, had very good service from him. First time since before Christmas that I am warm in my home. ”

Peter Gordan | Kent | 16th February 2010


“My microbore heating system was all blocked up until Jeff came and sorted it. I'm very pleased with Jeff's work, he got it all working excellently. He burnt off the chocolate biscuits with all his running up and down the stairs.”

Mrs Inglis | Cheshire | 16th February 2010


“Richard arrived punctually at 8 am and worked cleanly and profesionally until 3 pm. He explained every step of the process and was clearly proud of his work and the equipment that he used. Amazed at the thoroughness of the clean and hopefully has given my boiler and radiators a new lease of life. So pleased to have spotted Powerflush Ltd on the web and the informative video. As good as it gets. ”

J Humphreys | Hertfordshire | 9th February 2010


“I am writing to say that we are delighted with our radiators after Shaun worked on them yesterday. He arrived at 9am and worked very hard until 19h30. A most charming and helpful young chap who gave us good advice. We can feel the difference now, all the radiators are heating up beautifully. I hope you will pass on our message to him on how pleased we are.”

B. Saunders | West Sussex | 9th February 2010


“Just a note to thank Alun for flushing out my radiators recently. I am very pleased with the results.”

Mrs Mendoza | Gloucestershire | 9th February 2010


“I was very very impressed with powerflush. I was initially recommended by a engineer from Dynorod who obviously knew his stuff. I had Barry come on saturday. He was on time and spent all the time required to get my system up and running properly (for the 1st time in years!) Barry fully explained everything that was done and more. Gave me brilliant advice and left me with a cosy and warm house.:)) He went out of his way to explain thoroughly what all the problems and solutions were.. I have no hesitation in recommending this company and would call them again for help on any heating issues..Thank you ”

Marianne Forster | London | 8th February 2010


“I phoned up and managed to get an appointment the next day. The engineer, Colin, was great. On time, really knowledgeable and helpful and a very nice guy. He did a really thorough job and I was really happy with the service. ”

Alex Fallowfield | London | 5th February 2010


“Thank you Richard! Our story is similar to many others in the comments section - no joy with our British Gas contract. Richard arrived early and from the moment he started work he did not stop - he was professional, extremely courteous, respectful of our home (removing his shoes every single time he came in - even when unloading his kit), competent, calm, reassuring - I hope you are getting the picture that we cannot heap enough praise on this young man. At the beginning of this process we were so nervous that we both took the day off work by the end of the day our heating system is 100% improved - working better now than we have ever experienced. The service from the office was top class too and I would not hesitate to recommend Richard and this company to anyone. ”

Jo and Phil | Oxfordshire | 5th February 2010


“After a year of problems and lots of money spent on a variety of plumbers, I approached Powerflush. By this tine, I was very sceptical about getting my system to work, but from the first contact, I found Powerflush to be helpful and professional in their dealings. My engineer was Barry and he was brilliant, spending as much time as was needed to ensure that my system was fully functional. Given all the other plumbers I'd had, I had begun to believe that this would never happen, but Barry proved me wrong, I'm pleased to say. He was punction, helpful and clearly very knowledgable. At last I have a warm home. Thank you Barry”

Elena | London | 4th February 2010


“Following many arguments with British Gas, I turned to PowerFlush with the hope of resolving my heating issues. I was not dissapointed. Kostas took on my very old, ex-council primatic heating system without any worry and has made a huge difference. The pump is so quiet I had to look in the airing cupboard to make sure it was working! ”

Nicola | London | 3rd February 2010


“I would like to say how very much impressed I was with Colin who did the job yesterday. He worked very hard and was most pleasant. Can you please convey this to his manager. Many thanks ”

Shobhi Buch | London | 2nd February 2010


“Alan was absolutely brilliant. He was delayed by only 10 minutes but we were informed of this . He worked tirelessly throughout a long day and explained what he was doing and why. He worked tidily in the house and around others who were present. He walked me round the sytem afterwards explaining what he had done and showing me how much more effective it now is.He explained what I might need to do in the future. All in all I thoroughly recommend him. ”

Penny Black | Wokingham | 1st February 2010


“We had Shaun powerflush our system yesterday and we found him to be excellent. He was extremely knowledgable and he carefully explained the process involved together with how our existing system worked. We have already noticed a marked improvement in the performance of our central heating. I also have to say how extremely courteous he was and how tidy he was during the course of the work. I would definitely recommend Powerflush & Shaun in future.”

Stuart Fory | Essex | 31st January 2010


“My customer was impressed by Alan the enginer who was very helpful. He rang us to say that some parts may be needed to be fitted to the boiler after the desludge work. We attended and the heating is now working ok”

tony lees and sons ltd | Reading | 22nd January 2010


“Daniel arrived promptly and very respectful of my home. He communicated and explained the process, a lovely young man who left everything clean, tidy and back in its place!”

Peggy Salter | Cheshire | 20th January 2010


“Shaun service was excellent and professional all around. He explained everything he was doing, from cleaning the radiators to calibrating the heating perfectly around the house. I would recommend Shaun and power flush any time. ”

Guy | London | 18th January 2010


“Costa did a very good job - quick, efficient and he took the time to draw my attention to various parts of the boiler which may need repair in the future. Well done!”

Fred - Shoreditch | London | 18th January 2010


“Sam was very professional explaining everything he was doing, he was smartly dressed, very polite. I would recommend both Sam and Powerflush to others. A good job well done. Thank you”

Elizabeth Camp | Kent | 15th January 2010


“Three words describe the service from Shaun: Professional, courteous, and efficient. An excellent job! We're warm again! Would definitely recommend.”

Vernon Feakins | Kent | 14th January 2010


“Hi Your engineer Mr Shaun Aldridge visited our bungelow as promised at 8am we are pleased to imform you that we were completely satisfied with his work he was clean worker very pleasent and helpful person we would recommend Power Flush and him to others in the future.Yours Truly Mr & Mrs Jordan”

Jordan | Essex | 13th January 2010


“This was the most professional, reliable and efficient service that we have experienced in sixteen years. Despite moderate snow capped with ice, Shaun drove in dangerous road conditions and was here promptly at 8 a. m. A most competent polite young man with exceptional communication skills. Got on with the work with little interruption and with great sensitivity for the customer's privace. He not only protected the areas in which he worked with a large protective cover,but also hung a special curtain to exclude draught from the slight opening in the window for the hose. He also reminded me about safety issues. It was an absolute joy to have such a skilled professional pleasant engineer in our home. When he arrived our heating was reduced by 50% when he left it was 100% and like new, exactly as their advert said. I only wish we had known about Powerflush earlier. A fantastic service at a reasonable price. Worth every penny. Go for it!”

Coleman Aoife | East Sussex | 9th January 2010


“Thank you for your friendly and reliable service. Dominique in the office was exceptionally helpful when I rang, and offered me a cancellation next day. Sam, our engineer, came on time despite the iciest day of the year so far. He was very conscientious in sorting out the problem, kept us informed of what was happening, and left everything clean and tidy. We would highly recommend your service.”

Mrs Lynne Pettit | London | 8th January 2010


“We had Kostas & he was absolutely fantastic. Would recommend him to anyone with similar problems as he is efficient and friendly as well as able to explain to us non technical minded customers. Great Job!”

Anushka | London | 8th January 2010


“I would highly recommend Powerflush. Colin came out to us yesterday. He was prompt, tidy and efficient. Despite having a problem re-starting with our system he stayed until it was all sorted out and made sure that we had heating.”

Sarah Kirkpatrick | Kent | 8th January 2010


“I am an old lady who was freezing cold and I would like to thank Powerflush who were all great especially Sam the engineer who came. I was so cold and he got my heating working again. Thank you so much Sam, you were marvelous.”

Annestrange | London | 6th January 2010


“I wanted to thank Kosta for an excellent job today. Every part of the job was fully explained and we now have nice hot radiators for the first time in many months. I would have no hesitation in recommending powerflush ltd to any one. Once again many thanks”

Michael James | Cambridgeshire | 4th January 2010


“Sorry for delay but just wanted to thank the lovely Daniel for all his help on 29 Dec. Heating now working well and we are warm and toasty once again. Daniel explained everything he was doing very clearly and was a pleasure to have in the house! Would happily recommend your company in the future.”

Maxine Steinberg | Hertfordshire | 3rd January 2010


“Thanks from All Saints Church for the works carried out at our property, heatings never worked better.”

Reverend Paul Willis | Herefordshire | 29th December 2009


“I am VERY VERY happy with the service. Thank you to Alan the engineer for doing a great job! Highly recommended!”

Valerie | Monmouthshire | 29th December 2009


“Lovely, charming, lovely lovely man! I came downstairs and found all the kids watching Shaun working away (I had forgot he was there). Expect to hear from my girlfriends who I have already recommended you to.”

Karen Healy | Brighton & Hove | 23rd December 2009


“On 9th December I employed the services of Powerflush Ltd and I would like to state that the work was very satisfactory, Kostas was very helpful, experienced & polite.I would not hesitate to employ Powerflush again if need be or recommend to someone else.”

N Petrus | London | 21st December 2009


“I had the tell tale symptoms of a clogged central heating systems, cold radiators and a noisy boiler. Power flush were recommended to me, I am so glad they were!! You were all great to deal with, and Alan’s experience and work ethic was amazing. What can I say, my house was treated with great respect, dust sheet were laid down in every work area, and what was promised from Power flush was delivered. A huge thanks you to you all, and if anyone asked, you would be my first recommendation. Great job ! ”

Phil Ashgrove | Hertfordshire | 14th December 2009


“The previous comment from Peter Lees could have been written by me. I've been able to turn the thermostat down a few notches and all radiators are working as they've never worked before. I would recommend this company every time. - Good work Alun!”

Richard Chinnery | Somerset | 12th December 2009


“Had a reminder from the Powerflush office the day beforehand. The engineer arrived at 8 in the morning as promised and worked the whole day. The engineer happily answered all my questions, was very thorough and cleaned up the very little mess on completion (he even wore his slippers when in the house!). The system is now quiet, efficient and chucks out the heat like never before with the boiler running at a much lower setting. After balancing the system the engineer went round each room with me making minor adjustments to ensure the radiator temperatures were exactly to my liking. I definitely recommend this company.”

Peter Lees | London | 11th December 2009


“"Does exactly what it says on the tin". Engineer (Kostas) came within 24 hours of first contact, was helpful, knowledgable and worked for nine hours non-stop with excellent results. PF very professional (and recommended unreservedlyby our long-standing CORGI plumber).”

Michael Lewis | London | 4th December 2009


“Had my system flushed on 21/11/09 by Barry. Never been so hot ! He was brilliant. I kept asking him questions on the process and he just kept answering them ”

John Metcalfe | Essex | 27th November 2009


“We had our heating system in the Nursery flushed through,as there was no heat coming out of one radiator, and the others were perfoming very badly, we were advise by a heating company last year to have the system powerflushed. The difference it has made is UNBELIEVABLE! A big 'thank you' to Costas for a brilliant job. I couldn't recommend him enough! Thank You”

June Heard School Bursar All Saints School, | London | 27th November 2009


“Albert was magnificient, wish all the engineers were as positive and helpful as Albert.”

Jay Patel | East Sussex | 20th November 2009


“At last I have heating in my bedroom and bathroom – bliss! Kostas did a first class job, and was very helpful in explaining why my heating hadn't been working. He was very focused and courteous and kept the process neat, leaving the house absolutely tidy. Highly recommended.”

Deborah Wald | London | 20th November 2009


“Daniel arrived very promptly, which was appreciated as I had to leave for work. I have had favourable results.”

Darren Faulkner | Southampton | 20th November 2009


“I am very happy with service from Colin as he was helpful & knowledgable. There is a noticeable improvement in my boiler.”

Simon Rossi | London | 20th November 2009


“Shaun flushed my central heating system today and removed a lot of sludge. He also balanced the system. He has only just left after a long day. He arrived punctually at 8am, worked hard all day, and has just left. It is now 7.45pm. I have a lot of radiators! Not only was he punctual but also very pleasant to work with and most obliging. The house feels much warmer already but I will post another comment after a few days, after I have experienced the difference it has made. Based on my experience so far, though, I would definitely recommend him to a friend or relative.”

Mary Fox | Surrey | 18th November 2009


“I am very pleased with the work Kostas did for me yesterday. Everything is much warmer and Kostas was very helpful.”

Sue | London | 17th November 2009


“Shaun was punctual,even arriving early,curteous, efficient,professional,methodical and very well organised. He explained the whole process and nothing was too much trouble,even to correcting an existing problem. The system is now well balanced with all the radiators heating up at an even temperature and faster than before. I would have no hesitation in recommending Shaun and Powerflush. ”

Roger | Brighton & Hove | 12th November 2009


“Excellent job from Shaun. He was professional, efficient and cheerful. He explained what he was doing every step of the process and was very happy to answer all my husbands questions. I will not hesitate to recommend Powerflush. Thank you Shaun for a well done job.”

Juli & Jerry Savage | Essex | 12th November 2009


“Since having a new combi boiler installed over a year ago, the radiators on the ground floor were never more than luke warm. Powerflush were recommended to me and an engineer was available within 24 hours. Kostas flushed the system, removing an incredible amount of sludge and all the radiators are now hot. Kostas was very helpful and pleasant and explained exactly what he was doing, it was great for someone to work so efficiently. I would happily recommend Kostas and Powerflush. Thank you.”

Nikki | London | 9th November 2009


“We recently had a new combi-boiler installed followed by an inadequate flushing, consequently heat could not be circulated. We contacted Powerflush who arranged for an engineer to call the next day. Jeff arrived at 7.50 am after a 2 hour journey. He worked with diligence, showing and explaining what he was doing in a courteous and pleasant manner. He worked non-stop throughout completing his task by 3.30pm. Our house is now warmer than it has been for more than 30 years and we anticipate a big reduction in our fuel bills. Thanks again Jeff and we will be happy to recommend Powerflush to acquaintances.”

Linda & Tony | West Midlands | 8th November 2009


“My house had Micro bore pipework and was not getting hot on all the radiators so called powerflush who were recommended. Was very sceptical that it was going to rectify the fault.Hooray its great. I was really impressed and to see how much debris could come out of such small pipes. All the radiator are hot and not so much noise in the pipes at night. Well worth every penny. -Well Done Kostas!-”

Mr Lee | Bedfordshire | 4th November 2009


“Daniel arrived promptly, and has worked all day cleaning out the system, I am very happy with the end result.”

Mr Glue | Hertfordshire | 4th November 2009