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“Shaun arrived promptly as promised and got on with the job with great care and explained the process and the discharge from the system. We also had a filter installed whilst the system was being flushed through and prior to refill. Great job and would use them again. ”

A Naran | Surrey | 8th November 2012


“Shaun arrived promptly as promised and got on with the job with great care and explained the process and the discharge from the system. We also had a filter installed whilst the system was being flushed through and prior to refill. Great job and would use them again. ”

A Naran | Surrey | 8th November 2012


“Tony arrived yesterday to carry out a power flush. From the moment he arrived he was very pleasant and helpful, explaining the procedure as he went along. The result is no more banging from the boiler and lovely hot radiators. In short, a thoroughly professional job carried out by a thoroughly professional, helpful, polite and very likeable engineer. Thanks Tony”

Mr L Carson | Southampton | 7th November 2012


“What a difference 9 hours can make to a system of 21 Radiators!! Lee arrived at the promised time an set about his job in a very methodical way to evaluated my problems with a noisy boiler and a few radiators that either did not work or were tepid to say the least.He was very professional in everything he did and I must say a great credit to Powerflush. All our radiators are now working to perfection and the boiler just makes little or no noise at all. Thanks Lee toa job well done!! Mike Tyrer”

Mike Tyrer | Kent | 4th November 2012


“Daniel did a fine job today, no hassle, explained things well and also went an extra yard a two to sort out a mini-leak! Windy Ridge School Road Windlesham GU20 6PB”

Ivan Chandler | Surrey | 29th October 2012


“Shaun must be the next thing to God, If you need a Powerflush Make sure you ask for SHAUN. I agree with all the very positive comments below. I think the only additional comment that I can make to those that have gone before is that he respected our property. Well done Shaun ”

Fred Alan Nightingale | Surrey | 5th October 2012


“Steve was absolutely brilliant. He worked tirelessly without causing any mess and was careful to check that everything was spotless before he left. I was amazed at the amount of muck that he got out of the system. Steve was more than happy to answer any questions I had and gave me some suggestions about how I could improve the running of my heating system. I have since followed his advice and the system is running better than it ever has done since we have owned the house. The cost was exactly as agreed on the phone when arranging the work - no hidden extras. I recommend Powerflush (and Steve) without any hesitation.”

Chris | Surrey | 2nd October 2012


“Shaun arrived promptly, explained the work he needed to do in detail, was friendly and cheerful, and carried out all the work with quiet efficiency. He was extremely careful to take all necessary steps to protect our carpets and furnishings during the work. We would not hesitate to recommend your company and Shaun to our friends. Thankyou for a job extremely well done!”

Mr & Mrs Whittaker | Surrey | 25th September 2012


“Lee did a wonderful job. We are very pleased with his hard work. Our system has never worked as great as this since we moved here. Thank you Powerflush! ”

Mr Hopwood | London | 24th September 2012


“Shaun arrived early having started his 80 mile journey at 5.00 am! He had spent about an hour asleep in his van parked in the road outside. This was a measure of his determination to avoid traffic jams on the M25. Shaun's enthusiasm, motivation and competence shone through from square one as he explained exactly what he was going to do. After 7 hours on the job we are now enjoying a much improved heating system. Well done Shaun!”

Trevor Joyner | Surrey | 23rd September 2012


“A very thorough and professional job completed by Kostas today - many thanks for your prompt and efficient service.”

Jonathan Parker | Suffolk | 13th September 2012


“Lee did a great job. He was outside from 7:45am. He was very efficient and ensured that there was no mess in my home. Thank you. ”

Mrs Pyne | Surrey | 11th September 2012


“I would highly recommend Powerflush Limited. The guy (Well Done Shaun) turned up on time, spent 6 hours cleaning out my central heating system, and left it in working order. He was a very clean and tidy worker. Very happy with Powerflush,”

Teresa | London | 11th September 2012


“Very friendly yet professional guy, clean and tidy and most importantly got the heating and hot water working again. (Well Done Shaun)”

Sophie Rowe | London | 10th September 2012


“Shaun has just been to powerflush our system in the Greater London area and has been a real pleasure. He was very knowledgeable, friendly and courteous. He showed up promptly for 8am and was really patient with my young boys who were curious about all his tools and he took time out to thoroughly answer our questions and explain each step. Highly recommended!”

C Ogunyemi | Kent | 7th September 2012


“Exceptional service. Worked tirelessly, highly skilled and professional. Very very happy with the results and feel ready for winter for the first time since we moved here. Nice to have someone who talks about solutions rather than problems. (Well Done Joe)”

Mark Saville | Staffordshire | 5th September 2012


“Mike from Hull did a great job, no mess what so ever,could`nt believe the amount of sludge that was removed. Now sounds much healthier than last winter. would definately recommend.”

G.GAUNT | Leeds | 5th September 2012


“Excellent and efficient service provide by an outstanding operative - polite and explained everything. Will certainly recommend (Well Done Shaun)”

DOREEN NEWMAN | London | 4th September 2012


“I had Lee today and he was lovely, extremely helpful and did his best to explain my system to me. I am all set, ready for winter!”

Mrs Headley | Surrey | 31st August 2012


“Just to say that although I felt I was being given a hard sell on the phone I'm very happy with the job by Alan and would recommend Powerflush. I wish my heating engineer had advised me to have one years ago. Alan worked hard and efficiently without making any mess. I hardly noticed he was here as he was able to set up most of his equipment outside and get on with the job. Well done!”

Rosie Gaskell | Bath & North East Somerset | 30th August 2012


“I had Sam to power flush my radiators on the 31st May 2012, he was very polite and very helpful. Sam had a problem with one of my radiators and he went to a lot of trouble to ensure it was working correctly and that I understood what he was doing. I am really pleased with the result it has made all the difference to my central heating. I can certainly recommend them and Sam in particular. ”

Elvina Phyall | Kent | 15th August 2012


“I've just had my radiators power flushed by COLIN. I just wanted to let you know that he was very efficient, helpful,knowledgeable, polite and I would happily recommend your service to anyone - the radiators are now working perfectly - all down to him. ”

Mrs Barr | London | 7th August 2012


“Punctual,courteous,clean,tidy and very respectful. Explain the proceedure and worked nonstop until the job was done. Well done Power Flush your representative (Lee) was a credit to your company will recommend to friends and family”

COOMBE | Surrey | 6th August 2012


“Dear Powerflush Ltd, I wish to express my appreciation of Colin and the service given to me on your leaflet. The explanation of what was to be done to my heating was exemplary, details and care of everything was included and also so friendly. If I have the opportunity I will certainly recommend your service to friends. Yours Sincerly, A Bowles-Bevan”

DR Bowles-Bevan | London | 2nd July 2012


“Lee arrived promptly and proceeded to do an excellent job and because I showed interest in what he was doing he explained everything to me. I am very glad that I had my system flushed and it was a revelation to see all the muck that was inside it. In the words of the wellknown AA advert Lee was a "very very nice man" who did a very good job.”

Robert Vidler | London | 29th June 2012


“Shaun arrived punctually and gave a very clear explanation of the powerflush process at each stage. He carried out the work efficiently and neatly and I look forward to seeing lower fuel bills as a result. I would certainly recommend Shaun to anybody who needs a powerflush.”

Chris Faint | London | 28th June 2012


“I cannot compliment Michael Pinder enough. He arrived at 8am on the dot and worked very hard NON-STOP all day. He didn't even stop for tea or coffee. I was very impressed by his customer service and consistency. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a powerflush. ”

Mrs Crow | Stockport | 25th June 2012


“Barry did an excellent job. I actually asked for Barry personally as he had previously flushed out my daughters house and I was there. His attitude was positve and he worked very hard. Can't say a single negative thing about his work. ”

Mr Bullman | London | 25th June 2012


“I would like to start with saying I would recommend Alun Jones/Powerflush Ltd to anyone who wants a high quality powerflush and excellent customer service. Alun carried out a powerflush a few months ago and then shortly after we began to experience some problems, so as I have a service agreement with British Gas I called them in to only be informed that there is sludge in the system that is causing the problem and that I also needed a filter to be fitted. Naturally I called up Powerlfush Ltd complaining and to my surprise Alun was very happy to come back. Yesterday he visited our house and reflushed the system to find there is NO sludge in the system. I was extremely happy with Aluns work and his fast response. He was confident from before he revisited that the system didn’t need another flush but he still cooperated as I was made to feel the job wasn’t done well by British Gas. British Gas, not only did they do a terrible job diagnosing the problem but also charged me £259 for a 10min visit (which works out to be £600 per hr) for a service I did NOT need but they also charge an arm and a leg for a powerflush that they do not specialise in. BG forces their customers into having a Magna booster fitted when in fact it’s NOT required. So don’t be fooled or pressured into it. I have already recommended Alun to friends and will continue to highly recommend Powerflush Ltd to anyone who has been told that they need to flush out their boiler/system. p.s. Go to Powerflush Ltd before you consider British Gas as they have no clue about powerflushing and I had to learn that the hard way. They took my money and delivered poor service both over the phone and at my property, where else Powerflush Ltd exceeded all my expectations and beyond. Thank you Alun for your excellent work ”

Mr Bates | Herefordshire | 13th June 2012


“Michael Pinder did an excellent job. He worked very hard from the very beginning until the end. He was very helpful and his work has made a drastic difference to my system. Thanks Powerflush Ltd”

Mrs Bishop | York | 8th June 2012


“What a wonderful fellow Michael Whylie is. He came through today and did a perfect job with my central heating, he deserves a good bonus! ”

Mr Foster | Liverpool | 31st May 2012


“I was VERY happy with Joe's powerflush job yesterday. He was at my property for a solid 8 hours and worked extremley hard. My system is working nicely now, would certainly recommend - thanks!”

Happy Customer | Solihull | 22nd May 2012


“What a marvellous engineer Tony is. A true credit to your firm. Unlike most tradesmen he was clean and tidy, explaining as he went along.I am delighted with the results. I have already recommended you to a few of my friends. Thank you again Tony.”

Mrs Kruger | West Sussex | 15th May 2012


“We had Steve powerflush our heating today and most impressed with what a lovely man he is and how diligently he worked on our system. Absolutely delighted with the results and we have already recommended our friends to your company.”

Mrs Lloyd | Cambridgeshire | 14th May 2012


“Your man Kostas was most helpful, explaining the problems he was facing and what he intended to do. Polite and very friendly. We are well pleased.”

A. P. Seabourne | Norwich | 1st May 2012


“Alun arrived on time, was pleasant and very happy to talk about what he was doing and help me understand our underfloor heating. He left with all the underfloor circuits cleared and working and the hot water flowing freely without the boiler overheating - we're happy, thanks Alun!”

Mr Allan | Bridgend | 29th April 2012


“I was very impressed with your engineer Daniel, he was courtious and polite and did a very good and thorough job I have very light coloured carpets throughout but he dust sheeted everywhere and the place was spotless when he left. I would have no hesitation recommending him.”

Ian Walder | Surrey | 25th April 2012


“Shaun arrived just before 8am and worked non-stop throughout the day. Shaun was extremely organised and very clean. He is such a nice guy- I couldn't wish for a better workman. ”

Mr Giggins | Essex | 24th April 2012


“Very happy with the powerflush work I had scheduled for today. Powerflush sent me an engineer called Kostas who was very friendly and obliging to me. Good job done, thanks”

Mr Slaben | Hertfordshire | 23rd April 2012


“Daniel was really good. He not only got on with his job and helped my system but he also answered all my questions and helped me understand the system better. I was very impressed with is knowledge and his work ethics.”

Mr Douglas | Slough | 23rd April 2012


“I'd have to say I'm often skeptical about customer feedback on the Internet and I only personally leave feedback for very good (or sadly very bad) service. In this case Daniel came and sorted out our heating last week (20th April) and did a brilliant job on which I simply have to comment. He was punctual, polite, kept the house clean despite it being a very dirty job, and taught me more about my heating system in his time here than any number of plumbers have done over the years. And what's more the system works now better than it has for years. Top job young man! Thanks very much. :D”

Mr Morgan | West Sussex | 22nd April 2012


“Colin was very knowledgeable and informative. He explained everything very clearly and did a great job. I was very happy with the overall work and would recommend him and the team to anyone. ”

Mr Noghani | London | 18th April 2012


“Sam was really really good. He explained all he was doing as he was doing it. ”

Mrs Feast | London | 16th April 2012


“Very happy with Kostas's work. He was very clean and worked very hard, he even helped with fixing other things around the house, like a dripping tap. ”

Mr Hopper | Essex | 16th April 2012


“I really didn't think anyone could get our heating system to work properly ever again after being diagnosed by British Gas as terminal. Quite fortuitously at the same tie, I received a 'flyer' from PowerFlush and thought by giving them an opportunity to 'have a go', I had nothing to lose. Not only was their quotation some £400 less than British Gas, but their confidence over the 'phone of being able to sort us out was most encouraging. Their engineer, Michael Pinder, visited us last Thursday (12th April) and I cannot speak too highly of what he achieved and the manner in which he achieved it. Both product satisfaction and customer service of the highest order and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending PowerFlush to anyone. A big 'Thank You' to the company and especially Michael; our system has not worked so well in a long time.”

Geoff Walker | Norwich | 15th April 2012


“Lee was very helpful. He worked very hard and explained everything.”

Mr Goldman | London | 12th April 2012


“Excellent service which has cured a longstanding problem, I was considering a new boiler but now no need. Engineer was excellent, arrived listened to the problem, instead of going ahead advised we put some cleaner into the system and leave for a week. He returned today and efficiently went about his business. Heating now working better than it ever has.”

Richard Berry | Bristol | 10th April 2012


“I'd like to thank Powerflush for a fantastic day's work! I'd rate Shaun 11 out of 10 for performance, work ethic, technical thoroughness and enthusiasm. Very happy I went down the powerflush route, and even more happy it was with Powerflush Ltd! Best Regards, Mr Pannell”

David Pannell | West Sussex | 10th April 2012


“Very impressed with the work carried out by Richard. He was friendly, efficient, informative and very thorough. I was somewhat sceptical about the need for a powerflush, but Richard freed a blockage in the system and removed an incredible amount of sediment. He did a great job and we now have a working CH system!”

Reg Readings | Oxfordshire | 29th March 2012


“Shaun was great. He arrived early and set up everything, explaining the process. He was very thorough, tidy and worked all day to fully clear all the radiators. It is fascinating to see the amount of debris that is cleared from the system! Shaun also suggested some improvements we could make to the system to make it more efficient and flagged some issues with our pipework that we need to keep an eye on. Very impressed with the result, we have now been able to turn the boiler down and also lower the thermostat and it is still amazingly warm! Great job.”

Colin Levins | Surrey | 24th March 2012