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“After British Gas replaced my central heating pump, I had no hot water and only one functioning radiator. After the visit of Costas from PowerFlush all the radiators were working and the hot water was hotter than I've ever known it. The remarkable magnetic trap removed about 300 grams of black sludge from the pipes and Costas removed more from the feeder tank in the loft. Many thanks for a job well done. ”

Trevor Lea | Oxfordshire | 2nd November 2009


“It was a pleasure having Sean in our house. He was knowledgable, explaining everything to us, confident in his work and considerate to our home. Thank you”

Sarah Windamere | Hertfordshire | 30th October 2009


“Shaun cleaned our central heating and hot water systems efficiently and clearly had a good knowledge of his equipment and the job that he was doing. All was accomplished with respect for our residents and cheerfulness and helpfulness to staff.”

Country Lodge Nursing Home | West Sussex | 30th October 2009


“I will definitely be recommending Powerflush Ltd to just about everyone that I know. Lee carried out my powerflush today and he was on time, polite and full of advice and knowledge. Many thanks Lee for your great work.”

Miss Harris | London | 29th October 2009


“Just like to say thanks to Sam for his work Powerflushing my central heating system. He was on time, very polite, very knowledgeable and very professional. Thank you.”

Mr Whyntie | London | 29th October 2009


“Sam, of Powerflush, came to deal with our central heating system yesterday, turning thick black sludge into clear water. Expensive? Yes. Worth the money? Definitely. We now have super hot radiators throughout the house (something that has been lacking for some years. We would recommend Sam and Powerflush to anyone lacking efficient radiators”

Malcolm Mitchell | Kent | 29th October 2009


“Colin was great. He was helpful and heating and hot water are as good as new. No more cold baths. I would recommend your company to anyone”

Mrs Oakey | Luton | 27th October 2009


“I would like to recommend Kostas, he was great, very professional and my house is reaching high temperatures. Thank You”

Ms Harrison | Bedfordshire | 27th October 2009


“I received this email from Steve Waldron, Shauns's customer yesterday. Thought you'd like to know your work was appreciated; '...I was also impressed with the lad from Powerflush he seemed to know what he was doing and went the extra mile in fixing my loose radiator which he need not have done.'”

Mark - Heating Engineer | Surrey | 23rd October 2009


“Lee did a powerflush for my customer, Mrs Willis, and she is delighted. She called and told me that her heating system has never worded like this for years. She is over the moon as she had been told to replace the whole system. She says this is the first time she has been comfortable at home without wearing 2 jumpers! Thanks Frank, nice fellows those Geordies.”

Frank Barns - Geordie Heating Engineer | Surrey | 23rd October 2009


“Daniel was brilliant! He arrived on time and was very kind and careful. I am very happy with the results. ”

Mrs McRobert | Berkshire | 23rd October 2009


“Jeff did a good job powerflushing our rental house in Sheffield. He was efficient, tidy and would not leave until he had done the job to his satisfaction. He arrived before 8am and probably did not get home until after 9pm. Being microbore it was a slow job. I look forward to seeing Jeff again when we get our house in Leeds flushed.”

Roger Barker | Leeds | 21st October 2009


“We booked a powerflush at short notice. Lee arrived early and worked for 12 hours. He was so careful and meticulous with everything he did. From no heating we have everything working in a very short time. Just wait till I see the plumber who told us we needed a new system!”

RGW | Surrey | 19th October 2009


“Barry came out to a property for me and did a great job, such a friendly and helpful chap. I would certainly recommend this company. Thank you Barry.....Kind regards KC”

K.C. | Berkshire | 18th October 2009


“Colin is an asset to your company. He is very considerate - he started at 8am, and did not stop until 9pm when our system was up and running. ”

Matthew | London | 16th October 2009


“Thank you Allen for the professional and efficient service provided today. We now have a warm cosy house free from those cold spots experienced last winter. I will be very happy to recommend to family and friends.”

Ian Barber | Gloucestershire | 9th October 2009


“Albert was very good, he was well spoken, kind and very knowledgable. I am pleased with the Powerflush.”

Mrs Hall | Buckinghamshire | 8th October 2009


“May I first say that I am very Impressed with your System/Product,and your Web advert, so much so that I will certainly be advertising it to all of my friends and family.Also, and I feel more Importantly the professional way in which the whole opereation took place in my house both the procedure and the way Shaun conducted a clean and tidy enviroment,the whole time he was there.Also indicating all the way through the procedure what he was doing and explaining everything he was doing. It was a pleasure to have someone polite and competant in my house carying out the job in question. So Thank you for the service. ”

Mr Brian Gard | Kent | 8th October 2009


“Kostas was very accommodating, he arrive promptly to do the job, got on with it and did not stop until the job was done. Brilliant service.”

Sonia | Luton | 5th October 2009


“Excellent service today by Shaun. He flushed the whole system in our house and took on the task in an extremely professional manner. He arrived early and I was most comfortable to leave him to work whilst I did the school runs. He explained the work and gave me advice for the future. Brilliant to have a trustworthy engineer. Thank you Shaun. ”

Lucy Ford | London | 2nd October 2009


“Sam arrived early because he knew he had a long day ahead of him with 8 TRVs to fit as well as the power flush itself to complete. Sam assessed the tasks quickly and professionally. He took time to explain to us options and opperations as well as induct a colleague. Nothing was too much trouble and throughout the day he worked non-stop whilst being sensitive to our needs as householders. Sam is a credit to himself and an excellent representative of the company. I will recommend the service to others.”

Martin Billington | London | 2nd October 2009


“Excellent service, punctual, personalised. Some teething problem after powerflush but engineer stayed late till solved. Would strongly recommend -Thanks Sam-”

E de S | Surrey | 29th September 2009


“I was very impressed with Shaun's work & his whole approach to the task of flushing the heating system in my property. He arrived punctually & set to work without delay, explaining every step of the process as he carried it out, happily answering my many questions. It was very satisfying to watch the debris & silt being removed from the system which now runs more quietly. Shaun was very professional, knowledgable & cheerful & I would not hesitate to recommend him or Powerflush.”

Mr Barnett | Brighton & Hove | 28th September 2009


“Powerflush, an excellent Service by an extremely professional firm. They kept us informed during the process as the house in question was a rented dwelling. Thanks to them they saved us replacing the boiler which would have been very costly. - Well Done Sam -”

Mary Round | Kent | 23rd September 2009


“Kostas carried out our system powerflush. He arrived promply at 0800am and worked throughout the "flush" stopping only for the occasional coffee. He volunteered information and explanations at all stages during the process. We did not have the "dirtyiest" system but it is satisfying to see all the rust, debris etc dissapearing down the drain. I would recommend Powerflush to anyone, who like me, wants or needs their heating system professionally flushed. Your hard work is much appreciated. Bob and Lynn Atkins ”

Robert Atkins | Hertfordshire | 18th September 2009


“Daniel powerflushed a system for me prior to me fitting a boiler. Good communication regarding valves, needing changing. System was clean when I fitted boiler next day. Thanks again Daniel, see you on next job.”

Matt Gosling - Heating Engineer | Surrey | 16th September 2009


“Alun was excellent. He arrived on time, did not stop working even when offered lunch, only accepting a coffee. I am an 80 year old engineer so I enjoyed his stage by stage explanations but most of all he was a nice person.”

Derek Whitehouse | Somerset | 16th September 2009


“Very pleased with work carried out by Barry & his professionalism. I am happy with my end results.”

Linda Stanley | Hertfordshire | 15th September 2009


“Albert was very friendly, I am very pleased as he was so professional, I will not hesitate to recommend him or Powerflush.”

Mrs Cork | Slough | 7th September 2009


“Lee talked us through the procedure, explaining everything, and arrived very prompt. During the day Lee made sure that there was no mess.”

Mr Quarnby | London | 7th September 2009


“Kostas was brilliant. He explained everything bit by bit as he went along. System is now all up and running. Kostas was curtious and did an excellent job.”

Michael Liasis | London | 7th September 2009


“Lee was very prompt, and I was happy with the service. If you are thinking of having a power flush this is the place to come. ”

nldecs | London | 27th August 2009


“Kostas worked continuously without even stopping for a sandwich. He explained everything and showed me water samples as he carried out his work. All the way through the day he was a thoroughly amenable person.”

Mr Rowlands | Bedfordshire | 25th August 2009


“Just to say that I was very impressed with the work carried out by your operative - Shaun - when he came to flush out the central heating & water system. He kept me informed every step of the way. I will have no hesitation in recommending your company.”

Mrs Jones | East Sussex | 21st August 2009


“Professional service with the personal touch from Albert. Thank you once again. Vinod”

Vinod Lodhia | London | 21st August 2009


“Alun came and did a wonderful and very satisfactory job on my central heating. My boiler is about 23 years old and after powerflushing all my 16 radiators are so hot as if they are all new. The boiler was making a noise before which has now disappeared. Alun was a very friendly and pleasant gentleman.”

Dr Harish Tiwari | Cheshire | 15th August 2009


“Shaun Aldridge came to clean our CH. He arrived promptly at 8am. After checking the system, he clearly and concisely explained what he was going to do, then got to work. Throughout the day, he remained cheerful and kept us informed of his progress. After all day cleaning/flushing, Shaun left the rooms clean and tidy. Thank you Shaun for a good job.”

Mr J Roebuck | Hampshire | 13th August 2009


“We had Kostas do the Powerflush, he did a very good job and was very efficient, pleasant and clean. ”

Mrs Ledwell | Oxfordshire | 12th August 2009


“Excellent job from Sam even though he was unable to get the CH working effectively due to a problem with the boiler heat exchanger. At least I know the CH pipework is now thoroughly clean and should work efficiently once a new boiler is installed. Thanks for all your efforts Sam.”

Frank Stark | Hampshire | 4th August 2009


“Powerflush were very helpful and efficient right from the first telephone call. We have a straightforward view of life and when someone does a particularly good job it is right to express special thanks. Sam was helpful, considerate and had real enthusiasm to complete the Powerflush, bleeding and balancing with the minimum of disturbance. We had complete confidence and simply let Sam get on with the work, which included changing valves. For the first time in many years we had a quietly running boiler with all the radiators and valves operating properly. Well done Sam & Powerflush - you have our strong recommendation! 27 April 2009 ”

Chris & Tracey | Essex | 3rd August 2009


“Excellent service from start to finish. Answered every question and finished ahead of schedule. I will be recommending powerflush to anyone who asks :)”

Rich | Brighton & Hove | 3rd August 2009


“Excellent service from Alan, Sorted out our system and we now have both central heating and hot water like never before. Thanks again”

Ian | Buckinghamshire | 17th July 2009


“Thanks for sorting out our heating system. Its now working a treat.”

Mark | Surrey | 30th June 2009


“Fantastic Service and very impressed with Shaun who was very happy, professional and explained everything clearly. I would definitely recommend Powerflush and use you again. Thanks Shaun! ”

S. K. | Kent | 26th June 2009


“Cheerful, efficient Shaun arrived at 8am and left 7 hours later still cheerful having provided an excellent service and no mess. You were right Tarquin, we WERE impressed with Shaun. The difference the powerflush has made to our radiators is amazing. We will certainly recommend you.”

Janet Haines | London | 16th June 2009


“Dear Dominique/Tarquin, This is just a quick email to say thank you for sending Sam to do our power flush on friday. Sam is an upstanding employee, i just wanted to let you know that members of staff like him will take your business very far. Please give Sam a big Thank you from the Abbotts household. Kind regards Monique”

Monique | Berkshire | 15th June 2009


“Dear Powerflush, Last September you powerflushed my underfloor heating system. It is now functioning as if it were brand new. I am very happy with this result as I had such a bad experience with two companies who previously tried to clean the system. One was so incompetent and bad mannered that I am now suing them for doing so much damage that my boiler had to be replaced. I would like to compliment you for doing the job so well, and your polite customer friendly attitude.”

Walter Kohn | London | 10th February 2009


“Dear Tarquin, I want to congratulate you on solving our nine-year long heating problem. When our plumber finally decided that a specialist should be called he recommended Powerflush Ltd. The amount of dirt removed was quite startling. However a problem still remained in that half the radiators refuse to warm properly. It is at this point that I felt particularly confident in Powerflush because you returned and charged only your actual cost. It was during this visit that you found the problem to be a closed valve in an unexpectedly complicated system. I will certainly recommend Powerflush without any hesitation. Yours sincerly.”

Anthony Hooper | Bristol | 10th February 2009


“Dear Sirs, I would like to thank you for the extremely quick and efficient service that I received from yourselves today when having my heating system powerflushed by your very efficient engineer. My heating is better than it has been for many years and I would not hesitate in recommending your services to my friends in the future. My next door nieghbour will probably be in touch with yourselves in the very near future.”

Roger Bishop | London | 10th February 2009


“Hi, I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Angus and Alun for the job that was done to our flat last week. Our heating system is now working brilliantly for the first time in two years. Angus kept me up to date with when Alun would arrive etc, and Alun did a fantastic job with flushing the system and nothing was too much trouble for him. Please pass on my thanks to both of them. Best.”

Jonathon Burford | London | 10th February 2009