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“Shaun is a helpful and very knowledgeable engineer, I’m pleased with the work he carried out. Thank you!”

Mr Southern | London | 25th October 2011


“I thought Joe Newman was brilliant. A fine engineer - very thorough and helpful. I couldn't believe the amount of muck that came out of my radiators! Ghastly. Thanks powerflush”

Mrs Browne | Swindon | 25th October 2011


“Richard did a great job. He was very friendly and explained what he was doing very well. I am a happy customer. ”

Mr Coupe | Reading | 24th October 2011


“I would like to say that Isiah was an extremely hard worker. He got on with the job and was very pleasent too. I am very very happy with his services. Thank you. ”

Mr & Mrs Robaszek | Bedfordshire | 21st October 2011


“I thought Kostas was brilliant! Professional and hard-working are obvious words that come to mind.Thanks for explaining everything clearly to me Kostas. Mrs Cook. ”

Shirley Cook | Reading | 19th October 2011


“Work conducted 18/10/11 Whilst the technician was late for the job I cannot fault his professionalism and manner whilst conducting the job. From this perspective he was a credit to your organisation (Thank you Joe W.)”

James Griffin | London | 18th October 2011


“I thought Shaun to be an excellent worker, a complete gentleman, speedy worker and has done a fantastic job! Many thanks to Powerflush ltd for your high level of service.”

Mrs Packer | West Sussex | 18th October 2011


“Joe (Wigg) worked very hard and explained everything he did as he did it. Everything went very smoothly and efficiently. ”

Mrs Payne | London | 14th October 2011


“Lee is an absolute professional. Did an excellent job, fully recommend this firm. All the best”

Nabi | London | 14th October 2011


“Excellent job by Kostas Serini today, who arrived on time and worked hard all day. Looking forward to a warmer winter, thank you.”

Brian Kirkwood | London | 12th October 2011


“Richard Jeffries has done a very good job for us. Our system was not performing as it should, even thougn it is an old central heating system with a relatively new boiler. He came on time, he explained what would happen, was very decent with his language, and very approachable with the questions I had. He made us feel he knew what he was doing, quitely efficient. I would recommend him and the company to anyone.”

Leslie Morgan | Milton Keynes | 11th October 2011


“Alan arrived bright and early and carried out his work with great efficiency and charm. Very impressed with Power Flush Ltd and look forward to a toasty winter.”

Mr Pete Mounstephen | Bath & North East Somerset | 10th October 2011


“Just a quick note to say thanks to Shaun for the recent visit. He was extremely thorough and explained everything very clearly. A very professional job and I will definitely be recommending Powerflush to all my friends. ”

Colin Croome-Etherington | East Sussex | 9th October 2011


“Highly satisfied with level of work, Shaun’s a lovely guy.”

Mr & Mrs Beaumont | Essex | 7th October 2011


“Alan came to carry out our power flush today which proved to have a fantastic result and our heating now radiates marvellously. As an added bonus to a job well done, Alan was punctual, friendly, very considerate and tidy so that we could carry on with our pottering about the house and helpful giving us advice and answering all of our questions. Thank you so much...”

Sally Thomas | Gloucestershire | 3rd October 2011


“Shaun kept us fully informed of the work he was doing in a friendly manner. I was very impressed with his visit.”

Mrs Halcrow | Kent | 2nd October 2011


“Steve came to carry out the work at our home, he was so good, helpful,efficient, and a credit to your company. Thank you. kathy mCloughlin”

Mrs K Mcloughlin | Hertfordshire | 27th September 2011


“I'm very happy with the work today by Joe - house is nice and toasty now - thanks :)”

Mrs Loveitt | Nottinghamshire | 26th September 2011


“Sam was outside my house from 7:30- he did a wonderful job. My central heating is now clean and working perfectly. Thank you very much.”

Mrs Taylor | London | 23rd September 2011


“Shaun was brilliant and such a nice guy would highly recommend him and Powerflush Ltd. He was very effieient and explained everything.”

Valerie Edwards | West Sussex | 22nd September 2011


“I am really pleased with the work carried out on my property. Your representative was professional at all times and considerate to my property. I was particularly impressed with the ongoing update and explanation of what was going on. I will definitely recommend Powerflush to my friends.”

Scott Atkinson | Hampshire | 22nd September 2011


“It was an absolute pleasure having Joe. He did an excellent job. My house is now all nice and WARM! I am so grateful for his hard work.”

Mr & Mrs Bruce | York | 21st September 2011


“Our man was Alun, on time, straight into the job, and overall a tidy and professional job done. Polite and constructive when asked about the work being done. Rock on Alun and thanks ”

Reginald Hayward | Gloucestershire | 20th September 2011


“I had Kostas Serini around today and thought him to be most effcient and courteous. What a splendid chap... we're very satisfied with the end result. ”

Mrs Pocock | Woking | 16th September 2011


“Steve arrived promptly at 8am and left about 4pm. He was helpful and told us exactly what he was going to do and the results to expect.A very clean and tidy worker obviously well trained and enthusiastic a good ambassador for the company. It was a pleasure to have him in our home and our early experience of the system looks good. September 9th 2011”

Stan & Shirley Wils | Bedfordshire | 14th September 2011


“I am happy with Joe's work today. He's left everthing very neat and tidy and the job seems to have been a success. Thanks!”

Mrs Lane | Staffordshire | 13th September 2011


“I am very very pleased with todays Powerflush, Shaun was most polite and very helpful with explaining what needed doing throughout the day and has done a very fine job.”

Michael Harris | West Sussex | 12th September 2011


“I'm very satisfied with Lee's performance today. He was very thorough, explained everything very clearly and was neat and tidy. Thank you. ”

Mr James | London | 7th September 2011


“I thought Kostas was a good lad, he took me through the process and gave me a good insight into how it all works. I'm very pleased. Now I'm just going to bleed the rads just to make sure any excess air is removed and to make sure it's all heating up nicely. ”

Mr Twigg | Peterborough | 6th September 2011


“Very good, very efficient Mick Whylie even put sheets down to protect my carpects, most impressed with this level of service. Thank you.”

Mr White | Derbyshire | 5th September 2011


“Wanted to say a big thank you for the hours you worked on our system...Certainly beyond the call of duty! Both Barry and Steve were helpful, polite and very conscientious. Completely recommend them. Thank you very much.”

Sharon and Nick | Bedfordshire | 4th September 2011


“I had Mick (Whylie) in the home today, he is a very affable chap, as I'm sure all your engineers are and the job went very smoothly. Being an engineer myself I could appreciate the process and enjoyed having Powerflush in my home.”

Mr Hurt | Huddersfield | 2nd September 2011


“Mike arived spot on at 8am as arranged and explained very thoughly all the various procedures involved. I was amazed how much rust ect was removed from our system. We had the magnet fiitted and Mike explained how to maintain it and how it operated to our satisfaction. Very polite, proffessional, clean and tidy. All in all a pleasant experience. The heating is more responsive , hotter, quicker and more efficient than ever before. We would recommend Powerflush to anyone.”

Mr Griffiths | Blackpool | 1st September 2011


“I feel its important to go online and share my feedback. Shaun did a fantastic job. He was very thorough and respectful of the house. I am yet to come across an engineer who is as pleasent and well behaved as Shaun. I would also like to thank Ross for his co-operation and customer service. ”

Mr Beckenham | London | 30th August 2011


“Daniel was an absolute delight! He was very polite and clean. For the all the years I have lived- this is not something a person encounters in this day in age. Very Chuffed! ”

Mr Nichol | West Sussex | 30th August 2011


“I was very pleased with Steve, he was a very pleasant chap,did a great job with the system - so far so good! Thank you”

Mrs Baker | London | 26th August 2011


“Shaun arrived promptly,asked what the problem was, explained what he would be doing and got on with it.(without a cuppa!)Tidy, efficient, professional and cheerful. A pleasure to have him in our home. Thanks again Shaun.(He did eventually have a cuppa!)”

Mr. & Mrs. Farnish | Surrey | 25th August 2011


“Very impressed with service. Booked Friday and arrived Monday before 8 am. Started work immediately and finished close to estimated time of 4 pm. With failed boiler, additional heating kit required which also extended servicing time - none of which required an extra fee. Everything left tidy on completion. Just awaiting C H engineer so that I can see the benefits of using Powerflush. ”

Martin Wilson | London | 24th August 2011


“I would like to thank Kostas for his extremely thorough work. He did a great job and was such a charming man. There is no room for an adverse comments as he was delightful and worked for hours on end. Many Thanks”

Mr Wiggins | Buckinghamshire | 24th August 2011


“Thank you to Joe for his hard work! He is a top man! Very nice to have such a cheerful service. I would also like to thank Dominique for her patience and knowledge. She was very clear with her explanation which helped build my confidence in Powerflush. My problem has now been solved. ”

Mr Whitt | Nottinghamshire | 24th August 2011


“I had Richard powerflush my home, I had great service and he was very professional. Thank you.”

Andrew | Buckinghamshire | 22nd August 2011


“Lee Duffield completed our Powerflush today, having had to wait partway through for our plumber to replace the hot water cylinder! Lee was presentable, polite, a clean, efficient worker, and a delightful person all round. We would heartily recommend him to anyone.”

BP Gould | London | 15th August 2011


“Thanks, your engineer Kostas has appeared to do a very satisfactory job...he was very thorough. Mr Harris”

Mr Harris | London | 15th August 2011


“I am really satisfied by the service we received from Kostas last Monday. What a lovely guy and a brilliant example of great workmanship He arrived dead on time and worked solidly for hours to sort out our boiler problems. We no longer have the awful banging noises we have been experiencing for some time. We have recommended Powerflush to friends who live nearby, here in Islington, and I am sure that they will be contacting you. I phoned you to ask if they do contac you, would you please send Kostas along.”

Brenda Faulkner | London | 14th August 2011


“I had my Central Heating system Powerflushed by Shaun last Tuesday. What a pleasant and professional young man he was. He arrived on time - even a bit early - and proceeded to smoothly undertake the necessary procedures with no fuss whatsoever. At the end of the work he cleaned up so well that you would not be aware that anything had been done. I would not hesitate to recommend his service to anyone who is contemplating having their system cleaned.”

Peter Claridge | East Sussex | 12th August 2011


“So pleased with Sam and the service from Powerflush. Sam arrived half an hour early, can you believe, was very patient with all my questions and explained what he was doing throughout the visit. A very pleasant young man and an advert for the company. Thanks too to Heather and the other office staff. To be promised a call and actually get it means a lot to me - so many firms do not keep their promises. Well done, everyone.”

Audrey Lomas | Hampshire | 12th August 2011


“Earlier today Mr Shaun Aldridge as arranged (10 mins. early in fact) to Powerflush our heating system. This he did in a pleasant and efficient manner. My wife and I were impressed by the the confident and cheerful way he worked throughout the morning explaining what he was doing at every stage of the operation, We would have no hesitation in recommending him and the system to any of our friends. ”

W.Chamberlain | East Sussex | 4th August 2011


“Only One word to describe Lee and his work "EXCELLENT". My system is 35 years old and it has never been touched. There was loads of muck coming out the system it was very shocking. Lee did a great job. I am very happy I came across your advert.”

Mrs Brown | Essex | 2nd August 2011


“Your engineer Shaun was great , he did the job fantastically and was no trouble to have in my home at all. Many thanks.”

David Johnson | East Sussex | 1st August 2011


“Good job well done: Lee also went the extra mile. Where a lot of people might stop, he kept on going that little bit further”

John McCreesh | London | 28th July 2011