Power Flushing Huddersfield

Comments for Huddersfield

“I had Mick Pinder around to clean out my central heating system and must say I am extremely impressed by the level of work provided by Mick. Sincerely, I could not have predicted the level of change in our system and am very grateful to the company, espcially considering for how many years we had put up with what can only be described as a sub-standard system. Once again - MANY MANY thanks Mick and the team at Powerflush!!!”

Tony Wheeler | Huddersfield | 13th January 2012


“I had Mick (Whylie) in the home today, he is a very affable chap, as I'm sure all your engineers are and the job went very smoothly. Being an engineer myself I could appreciate the process and enjoyed having Powerflush in my home.”

Mr Hurt | Huddersfield | 2nd September 2011