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JamesBriggs | Reading | 6th April 2023


“A few words to describe your engineer Richard's work today: Efficient; hard-working; neat; pleasant and punctual. Many thanks powerflush”

Mrs Fin | Reading | 21st February 2012


“I had terrible problems with my large system after a major renovation with 9 new radiators, resulting in boiler errors and half the heating in the house being stone cold, with the rest not much above luke warm. After reading testimonials on here, and being recommended a power flush, I took a chance and called Powerflush Reading. Richard came out the very next day, with temperatures sub zero, and worked literally all day long. Despite the complexity of the system, Richard not only solved the problems but has left us with a system working like it has NEVER worked before. His approach to work was fantastic, and I am very, very impressed and very grateful. We have another boiler in another part of the house, and I will have no hesitation at all in calling Richard back to flush that one when we are ready! Many thanks for a fantastic job.”

Tony Rodriguez | Reading | 17th January 2012


“I thought Daniel was very efficient, he worked hard throughout the day. Nice to have working hot water and heating again. Thanks”

Mrs Richardson | Reading | 11th November 2011


“Richard did a great job. He was very friendly and explained what he was doing very well. I am a happy customer. ”

Mr Coupe | Reading | 24th October 2011


“I thought Kostas was brilliant! Professional and hard-working are obvious words that come to mind.Thanks for explaining everything clearly to me Kostas. Mrs Cook. ”

Shirley Cook | Reading | 19th October 2011


“I had Richard round last Friday. He was very thorough and explained what he was doing as he did it. He arrived at 7.30 and had to contend with my rather lively dog. Had to literally force him to have coffee!!!! I would highly recommend both Powerflush and Richard. Thank you ”

Terry Batten | Reading | 1st June 2011


“I had Barry arrive today for my homes powerflush. He was efficient and friendly. My heating is showing a lovely improvement, I will be recommending Barrys professional service to a few of my friends.”

Linda Holden | Reading | 24th May 2011


“I just wanted to thank you for a spendid service you did for my parents home in Reading. You managed to get them a £300 Warmfront grant which was fully reimbursed by yourselves as promised. The engineer, Alun, was commendable and I will be recommending your services to everyone who will listen. Thank you once again. Regards, Mr Thompson.”

Mr Thompson | Reading | 28th January 2011


“We are a plumbing and heating company Tony Lees & Sons, that often refer work to Powerflush. We had Daniel do some work for our customer and after the powerflush called us to report some secondary work that he had spotted. A good lad with a great attitude that has assisted the customer by having their system well on the way to being as good as new.”

Tony Lees | Reading | 13th January 2011


“Many thanks & to say that we have found a good company to deal with, especially on the phone, quick & efficient. We were also pleased with the powerfllush itself & the man who carried it out, very polite & considerate. I think his name was Richard from Oxford.”

Mrs Plumbridge | Reading | 30th November 2010


“Dan was a wonderful engineer and he worked very hard, thank you.”

Reading | Reading | 24th September 2010


“Daniels communication skills were outstanding and as an ex serviceman myself I find that most important in a job. Very clean & precise.”

Mr McBride | Reading | 5th July 2010


“Barry powerflushed my Gledhill Thermal Store boiler that other heating companies are afraid of touching & I received first class service from Barry. Besides doing a fantastic job, he was also a lovely enthusiastic engineer to have had in my home.”

Reading | Reading | 1st June 2010


“My customer was impressed by Alan the enginer who was very helpful. He rang us to say that some parts may be needed to be fitted to the boiler after the desludge work. We attended and the heating is now working ok”

tony lees and sons ltd | Reading | 22nd January 2010