Add your comments about Powerflush


“There was a lovely professional engineer that performed the powerflush without disturbing my household. I had great service.

Tessa French | Suffolk | 6th July 2010


“I was recommended by a friend and had Lee do the flush out. Very affordable company as I paid considerably less than the quote I had received from British Gas.”

Derek Brown | Surrey | 6th July 2010


“Albert powerflushed & we are very happy with the end result.”

Mohammed Rahman | London | 5th July 2010


“Daniels communication skills were outstanding and as an ex serviceman myself I find that most important in a job. Very clean & precise.”

Mr McBride | Reading | 5th July 2010


“I got to spend the day watching Wimbledon while your engineer, Daniel, worked hard leaving me with lovely results.”

Dennis Aslett | Surrey | 2nd July 2010


“Richard from Powerflush Ltd arrived early, prepared for the day ahead. A nice chap who left us very comfortable with the service.”

David Ray | Wolverhampton | 2nd July 2010


“Had a very professional Kostas come do the work, he made no mess and explained each step.”

David Warren | Norfolk | 2nd July 2010


“Colin had a very difficult job with the radiators and plumbing, he was very thorough - left me impressed.”

George Williams | London | 2nd July 2010


“Really pleased by the work done on my heating system. The engineer Alan was excellent and really friendly. The system works really fine now!”

Martin Butler | Somerset | 30th June 2010


“Happy with the service, and will refer Powerflush as I can't fault Richard the engineer, he was lovely.”

Jenny Garland | Leicester | 30th June 2010


“Pleased with the Powerflush job was advised that it is a mucky job, the engineer was polite & clean kept us informed.

James Towersey | Buckinghamshire | 30th June 2010


“Barry was very helpful answering all of my queries & advising me of what the job entails. Unfortunately I won't be using my heating for another few months but good to know it is ready & waiting. I'll be advising my friends & family and letting them know about Warm Front.”

John Baigent | Luton | 30th June 2010


“Brilliant, absolutely brilliant! Couldnt have asked for a better service, a great guy / very professional, did a great job and was very tidy. I've already recommended Powerflush to a friend who could use the service. Thank You.

Dave Smith | Derbyshire | 30th June 2010


“Alan travelled to Devon to powerflush my system, he was punctual, friendly, informative and carried out a superb job. Couldnt believe what came out of the system but very relieved to know that it is now fully protected and clean.Well worth the process for future peace of mind. ”

PETER MCCULLAR | Bristol | 29th June 2010


“Suffice to say the whole process was straightforward and effective. When we saw the amount of black residues flushing out of the circuit we were surprised and relieved! Finally - the operator was punctual, quite prepared to explain the steps and process. We were well pleased. Thank you.”

Eamonn McNamara | Leeds | 24th June 2010


“Shaun Aldridge arrived today to powerflush my system. He was kind, polite and extremely helpful. Our whole family had been impressed with the work he did. I, whole heartedly, recommend this company if your radiators are not heating up. Keep up the good work powerflush ltd! This must be the best service i have received from any company!”

Paresh Patel | London | 24th June 2010


“Colin arrived bright and early, introduced himself to us, a very polite young man who worked hard all day and made no mess which I was very happy about. Through out the day kept us informed, very happy with the service. ”

Mrs Lodgewick | Southampton | 24th June 2010


“Sam powerflushed my home today and arrive clean & tidy, he spent the day being very efficient & I am very pleased with the end results. Thank You!”

Jane Gibson | London | 22nd June 2010


“Lee arrived promptly & what a lovely polite young man. I am very impressed with the Powerflush carried out by Lee, he gave 110%. He is very charming & kept us informed all day.”

Mrs Dejahang | London | 22nd June 2010


“Shaun came to carry out the work. Powerflush is a very efficient, trustworthy company & I will be recommending the company. Shaun let us watch the process I am amazed at how much sludge came out of 1 little radiator.”

Ted Cavey | Brighton & Hove | 21st June 2010


“Very, very happy with Lee's powerflush job. Before Lee came along I had 3 different companies who all did not know what they were doing. Lee got straight on with cleaning the system and sorted it out. We are very, very happy.”

Keith Ng | London | 16th June 2010


“I want to congratulate Powerflush on the job they did for me. Richard the engineer was lovely, he explained what he was doing and warned me each time he was about to make any noise. I am so glad my local plumber recommended you and delighted at how well my heating is working. Richard was a charming young chap and for an old lady, who has had a stroke, it was lovely to feel so comfortably with someone I did not know in my house.”

Joy Perkins | Oxfordshire | 16th June 2010


“A thorough job was done and the process was explained at each stage. Colin was a pleasant and competent young man. We have heated towel rails working again and efficient radiators. We are looking forward to next winter!”

Marian Shaw | London | 15th June 2010


“Thank you for your prompt efficient service. Sam Aldridge is a very pleasant young man who worked very hard and left everything clean & tidy. He was non-stop, considerate I was very impressed.”

LR Wynn | Essex | 14th June 2010


“very impressed with the job done today,and the useful advice we were given...also he was on time...

Mr,Alan Kell | Liverpool | 8th June 2010


“We had Kostas doing the flush and he arrived bang on time at 8am, did an excellent job. We are very pleased with the end results. Thank you Powerflush for the expert service.”

R. Harris | London | 7th June 2010


“Daniel powerflushed my property, such a lovely young lad that pleased me by arriving promptly and spending the day respecting my home by being clean and tidy. The Warm Front grant was an ejoyable surprise, saving me 3/4s of the price. Great service and great value.”

Mrs Gamley | Bournemouth | 7th June 2010


“Absolutely excellent, brilliant job by Albert. He worked on each radiator 1 by 1. Very pleased and will definately recommend powerflush to friends & family.”

Richard Lazaro | Surrey | 2nd June 2010


“Barry powerflushed my Gledhill Thermal Store boiler that other heating companies are afraid of touching & I received first class service from Barry. Besides doing a fantastic job, he was also a lovely enthusiastic engineer to have had in my home.”

Reading | Reading | 1st June 2010


“Kostas did the powerflush, he is a lovely polite and well turned out engineer, we are happy with the service. Looking forward to noticing a difference in the heating.”

Mrs Dimmock | Hertfordshire | 1st June 2010


“The Engineer arrived exactly on time this Thursday. Got started with taking out equipmnt and you could tell he loved his job and wanted to do his best. I was busy with my 6month baby and I felt safe letting him get on with his work. I even left him in the morning to drop my daughter off. He was busy the entire day tapping the radiators and also looked to find the fault in my boiler. He was curteous when my baby was sleeping, trying not to disturb him. All our radiators work well and we now have hot water. At the end of the day you pay for excellent job and friendly, cheerful service, and you are safe with a big company to back you rather than a local plumber!!!

B. Munien | Buckinghamshire | 29th May 2010


“Sam arrived at the time stated and explained the procedure from start to finish. He was extremely knowledgeable and willing to answer any questions I had.The job was first class and he cleaned up thoroughly after the work was finished.He was a credit to the company.”

RAY BRUNSDEN | West Sussex | 28th May 2010


“I was delighted with the service I received from your Engineer yesterday. He was friendly, cheerful and helpful. Didn't "appear" to get frustrated with any problems or the length of time it took. He seems to have done a good job, with hardly any mess, and the radiators appear to be much hotter. I am sorry I don't know his name but he was a credit to Powerflush and himself.

Dorothy Birch | Bradford | 28th May 2010


“Shaun arrived punctually at our flat on 10th May, having 'phoned to confirm his appointment. He is very cheerful and obviously takes great pride in his work, explaining the procedures fully and answering questions readily. When finished, having ensured that the boiler was working properly, he left the flat in a clean and tidy condition. A job well and cheerfully done and our boiler is now working better than ever. I have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending his services.”

Mike T | London | 27th May 2010


“Shaun came to our house today 25th May.He done a fantastic job he did'nt stop for a break all day.He was a pleasure to have around, he explained everything in detail all through the day I was completely amazed by the whole process.Cant thank him enough. Well done Shaun would'nt hesitate to recomend your service. ”

Pat Guillaume | Essex | 25th May 2010


“Shaun came and did a fantastic job on our heating system on 7th May. He was very informative explaining everything he was doing in detail. Great to have such a friendly and charming person in your home. Many thanks Shaun have already recomended your service so hope they get in touch. ”

Trevor Willson | Hertfordshire | 24th May 2010


“Albert did an excellent job. He explained clearly what he was doing and why. He warned us in advance about the vibration of the radiators. He answered all our questions and and gave us some good advice. He worked quietly and efficiently with the minimum of fuss and left the place clean and tidy.”

Margaret Chater | West Sussex | 24th May 2010


“I was beyond pleased with the job, how it was done and the end result. The bungalow is now lovely & warm and I cant wait for the winter to enjoy the full effect of a warm home, will be referring jobs to friends & family. [Well done Alun]”

Mr Hatfield | Dorset | 20th May 2010


“Pleased with the job, had a load of questions and appreciated Sam the engineer answering them all along with explaining the work as he went alone. Heating system is working beautifully and will be referring to friends and family.”

Roy Lawrence | Southend on Sea | 18th May 2010


“Had a very hard working, tidy and polite engineer named Daniel. Was pleased with how the office helped me obtain my Warm Front grant, making the powerflush well worth it.”

Ron Plews | Southampton | 13th May 2010


“A big thank you to Kostas for all of his effort during the day powerflushing. I have never seen somebody work non stop without a break.”

Joyce Benstead | Peterborough | 13th May 2010


“Young Richard is a lovely well mannered engineer that has been most helpful and I am very pleased with the end results. Would like to thank Richard for his day of hard work.”

Mr Butcher | Birmingham | 12th May 2010


“Engineer (Sam) arrived at 8am as advised as was a very pleasant guy. Advised us at each stage as to what he was doing and why. Very informative and a pleasure to do business with. I would definately recommend Power Flush as our syustem is now noise free and does not wake me up early in the morning as it used to.”

Gillian Barham | Kent | 11th May 2010


“We had an engineer that arrived on the dot of 8am, full of energy for his long day ahead, lovely warm results were achieved and have left us happy to refer your company.”

Graham Hossanee | Bradford | 10th May 2010


“Had Shaun come and do the powerflush, he was great, very informative giving me a break down of what he was doing and the end result that he was hoping to achieve. Will recommend Powerflush Ltd and Shaun.”

Omar | Essex | 10th May 2010


“Job well done to Albert, a lovely man that worked hard. Was delighted to find great service that was cheaper than my British Gas quote and good quality work.”

Mrs Stott | London | 7th May 2010


“We had Alun powerflush and we are so pleased with the job that he did, and all of the time he spent explaining to us. It is remarkable seeing the benefits of the powerflush.”

Mr Marks | Dorset | 7th May 2010


“Lee did a great job powerflushing my tricky thermal store. He is a nice & polite engineer who did a good job, thanks.”

Alina | London | 6th May 2010


“As an engineer myself, I come across many tradesman, was very impressed with Alun's neatness and knowledge. Will happily recommend more powerflush jobs your way.”

Paul Smith | Gloucestershire | 5th May 2010


“I had Shaun and was more than pleased with the job and how Shaun explained everything that he was doing, will recommend your company.”

Sandra | Kent | 30th April 2010