Power Flushing Birmingham

Comments for Birmingham

“Just wanted to comment on a fantastic job completed by your heating engineer Joe Newman. Thanks, Mr Sully.”

Mr Sully | Birmingham | 18th July 2011


“Joe did an excellent job. He arrived right on time. It was evident he was working extra hard. Thank you Powerflush. ”

Mrs Lovegrove | Birmingham | 22nd June 2011


“Joe Newman did a VERY good job at my house. I am very happy and pleased with the outcome and the service. I am glad I chose this company. ”

R. Davies | Birmingham | 31st May 2011


“Very pleased with Joe Newman's work today! Great stuff, thank you.”

Mr Thomas | Birmingham | 17th February 2011


“The powerflush went well and I am looking forward to a warm and cosy winter. The £300 from the Warm Front grant really helped, thank you!

David Bate | Birmingham | 27th July 2010


“Richard visited our home and was a very enthusiastic and exceptionally polite. It was a pleasure having him in my home.”

John Thomson | Birmingham | 23rd July 2010


“Young Richard is a lovely well mannered engineer that has been most helpful and I am very pleased with the end results. Would like to thank Richard for his day of hard work.”

Mr Butcher | Birmingham | 12th May 2010