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“Calvin did a great job sorting out my father's radiators. Not just from the point of view of getting the job done but also because he explained everything very clearly, turned up on time etc. I'd have no hesitation in recommending him. And Dominique in the office was very helpful too.”

Chris Wigglesworth | London | 14th December 2017


“Very pleased with your engineer Steve - he did a good job on our heating, thank you.”

Mr Stocks | Leicestershire | 7th December 2017


“Daniel was polite and courteous. He was thorough and very tidy. A delight to have in my house. I would recommend him wholeheartedly.”

Jo | Bath & North East Somerset | 23rd November 2017


“Just wanted to say what a great, thorough job Calvin did. The heating system seems vastly improved. ”

Graham | Slough | 27th October 2017


“Last week, I had one of your engineers, Oswin, come round and powerflush our heating system and I'd like to say thank you and that I was really impressed by him; great positive and professional attitude, engaging and listened to my questions and provided simple and clear answers, so that I knew what was going on. The radiators were significantly warmer afterwards and it has made a big difference. I'd also like to thank him personally for "going the extra mile", just after he left there was something that I wasn't clear about and he turned round and came back and sorted it for me. Not many people would do that on a Friday afternoon!”

Seb Pepper | London | 17th October 2017


“Dear Powerflush Ltd Last week we had a visit from one of your engineers to carry out a complete check and inspection of our central heating system which entailed flushing seven radiators as well as other work. I should like to express my complete satisfaction at the standard of his work, and of his demeanour throughout, which was courteous, sympathetic and wholly impressive. I shall certainly recommend your company to anyone who asks.”

Lynn Walker | London | 30th May 2017


“Firstly sorry for taking so long to put my comments on your website. I would just like to say a huge thank you for the service you provided, our boiler was occasionally misfiring so my plumber told me about your service. Unfortunately we were going away in mid Feb, so the job was put on hold. Besides the boiler was behaving itself, so we turned everything down, just to tick over. However in early March our friend who was looking after our house told us the boiler gave up and wouldn't fire at all. THIS was where Powerflush really showed their colours I was in the Far East and had to order the flush using a very slow internet. Dominique at Powerflush was amazing so helpful and patient while email were crossing the world. She told me all about the procedure and who would carry out the work. After several more emails and payment sorted via friend ( internet so slow didn't trust giving my card details) everything was set for Friday 8th April. My friend was waiting and Daniel from Powerflush arrived on time, he carried out the flush checked the system etc, leaving the house clean and tidy. the muck flushed out was incredible my friend informs me. We arrived home late April and walked into a nice warm house with hot water, just what we wanted after a long journey. Therefore I would have no hesitation in recommending Powerflush. THANKS TO ALL AT POWERFLUSH ESPECIALLY DOMINIQUE AND DANIEL. ”

Mr S Giddy | Hampshire | 28th May 2017


“The engineer (Lee) was extremely professional and knowledgeable; he always kept me informed on what he was doing and explained each part of the process. The Power flush has made such a difference, my radiators are piping hot now and the boiler is running a lot quieter. Highly recommend this company. ”

Mr A Rivett | Kent | 11th April 2017


“Just a few words to thank Daniel Barrett who powerflushed our system yesterday. A very pleasant young man, very efficient and knowledgable, he explained what was going on and left everything clean and tidy. An excellent advert for your business. We anticipate a warmer future! Thank you”

Sandra Sarson | Hampshire | 24th March 2017


“We had our whole system cleaned on Friday. The engineer was Lee who worked so hard. He did a great job and went above and beyond his duty to provide excellent customer service! He explained exactly what he was doing and the muck that was cleared out was unbelievable. Would definitely recommend this company. Many thanks for a great service.”

Mrs M Moss | Surrey | 27th February 2017


“Our plumber, Tony recommended Powerflush when our boiler was failing and we had no heat from any of our radiators. We had to a wait a few days for an appointment (due to demand in our area) but Lee arrived at the agreed time at 8 am today. He was very knowledgeable and talked me through the process of what had to be done and was patient whilst I got my children off to school. He had found the blockage by the time I had returned home from the school run and meticulously sorted everything out going round to each of our seven radiators to clear the sludge. I was amazed at what came out of each radiator! Our home is now toasty warm. I highly recommend Powerflush and now know how to maintain our radiators for the future.”

Kate Price | Surrey | 6th February 2017


“My boiler mechanic recommended Powerflush when he was unable to clear the blockage in my boiler, which meant I had no hot water or heating. I was able to book the job for the following day. Lee did a brilliant job. He turned up on the dot of 8am and assessed the situation quickly. He talked me through the entire process and was respectful of my home and sensitive to my family (3 teenagers at home on an inset day!) He worked hard to get the job done, thoroughly flushing out the boiler and then each of the 7 radiators one by one. The stuff that came out of the system was an eye opener! He gave me lots of helpful advice, including how to ensure the boiler pressure was correct and how to keep the radiators balanced. I would not hesitate to recommend Powerflush. My radiators and water are piping hot for the first time in years! ”

Karen Barnett | London | 1st February 2017


“Steve Radford did a very professional job indeed. His knowledge of this business is encyclopaedic! The function of an only partly working radiator has been restored after years of not working Many thanks”

John T | Milton Keynes | 8th December 2016


“Excellent service,highly trained engineer. Arrived on time and went through every procedure as the work was carried out. Was clean whilst the job was carried out and ensured that no water or mess was left. Thoroughly checked all radiators and advised on any remedial work neccessary. A really good experience and would not hesitate to highly recommend. The engineer was Steven Radford.”

David Eden | London | 25th November 2016


“Excellent service. Engineer (SR) made every effort to solve the problems”

B Smith | Essex | 17th November 2016


“15th November - Wow wow wow, I was one of these people that thought this isn't going to work. Our engineer Lee was really professional he explained everything. His first question was "whats the problem" i explained that our plumber recommended a power flush after our heat exchanger kept clogging up. Even after having the magnet fitted! Lee started with the boiler and my god the stuff that came out was unbelievable. Then he did all the rads. I could not believe what came out of them. i asked Lee was our system bad he replied no but unfortunately you only need a little of the stuff to hit the heat exchanger and it will cause a problem. Our rads and water is so hot - i dont think i ever known it this hot. Our system is 6 years old everything was replaced when we moved in. I would recommend having a power flush and wished we had it done when we had our new boiler and central heating fitted. I know it a lot of money but trust me call an plumber twice a year to get hot water is a pain. One happy customer!!!!! Thank you Power flush and Thank you Lee. ”

Mrs M James | Kent | 16th November 2016


“PF were booked for 15th October, Engineer Costas turned up on time, and was very efficient and professional and friendly, explained what was going to be done and how. I was very sceptical that flushing system would make any difference, but since been done it is so quiet and hot water is now HOT!.. Thank you Costas for an excellent job. Brendan.”

Brendan Morley | London | 17th October 2016


“Excellent efficient service from Dominic, experienced thorough work, very pleased with each job done”

SD McCalla Plumbing and Heating | London | 22nd August 2016


“Dear all, I just want to say that I had exceptionally good service from Lee. He was on time, helpful, tidy and a pleasure to have around at a difficult time. With best wishes :) ”

Carole Latimer | London | 26th May 2016


“We were recommended to contact Powerflush by our heating engineer and are very pleased with the results. The organisation of an appointment was speedy and efficient and the engineer, Steve, was pleasant, highly professional and took great care in his work. Many thanks.”

Justin James | London | 19th May 2016


“Absolutely first class service from, Steve Radford, a top rate, well experienced and proficient engineer who went above and beyond our expectations and the call of duty, working at our home for in excess of 12 hours to solve our boiler and heating problems. His customer care and after sales service are exemplary and I would highly commend him to anyone looking for a first class power flush service engineer.”

Howard Sibblies | London | 4th May 2016


“Fantastic service and great value too. We were 18 months without our radiators heating up and had been told by plumbers, work colleagues, etc. that flushing a single pipe system wasn't possible and that our whole system needed to be replaced (for a cost of several thousand pounds). Without the money to do that, our family of five shivered through two winters. Then we found Powerflush, made an online booking at the weekend, were contacted on Monday and had our heating working perfectly by Wednesday, for a cost of under a tenth of replacing our system. Absolutely delighted with the service we received and the care and attention to detail paid by Steve when he came round. I can't recommend Powerflush highly enough.”

Jon Williams | Essex | 20th April 2016


“Daniel Barrett,is to be commended for his professional and courteous manner, he got the job done ,was clean and tidy and very respectful. Many thanks to him.”

Mrs S Solomon | London | 11th March 2016


“I would like to put it on record how thoroughly well Lee from Isle of Sheppey worked at my house today when he did the Power Flush. The system really shouldn’t have got into such a state if the Magna and Pump were cleaned each year when the servicing took place. The system is and old one that would collect more rust and corrosion than, I presume, newer systems. I now feel warmer than I have for quite some years. It was six years or so since your company did my first and only Power Flush and I have now lived here for 40 years.”

Ruth O’Connell | London | 11th March 2016


“We had a power flush of our heating system last week. Daniel was the engineer, he was extremely professional and efficient. Having had ineffective heating since we moved in last summer, the house is now toasty warm! Can not believe how much difference it has made. ”

Kat | Surrey | 15th February 2016


“Great professional service provided by Lee from start to finish. Very pleased with the results.”

Luke Salaman | London | 11th February 2016


“Had the engineer round today. Just like to say how prompt, professional, patient and friendly. Great service, thoroughly recommended.”

Pat Walker | Leicestershire | 8th February 2016


“Lee went above and beyond the call of duty to get my blocked radiator working. So happy to be warm in every room. Thank you very much.”

Eve Cohen | London | 18th January 2016


“I wanted to provide some positive feedback on Sam, who I thought did an excellent job. Sam was very friendly throughout, and took the time to clearly explain the work he was doing. He also identified that the existing central heating pump was faulty and recommended/offered having a new one fitted instead of fitting back the existing one. I have also recommended Sam to other people in my area. ”

William Lee | Essex | 15th January 2016


“Powerflush carried out by Joe yesterday. Fantastic result. All radiators now heating red hot. Like having a new system. Money well spent. Can turn the thermostat down and will recoup my costs easily with reduced bills. Thank you for a superb service. No mess and professional. ”

Denise Robinson | Warwickshire | 4th December 2015


“I would like to make you aware of the service given to us by David. He was courteous, thorough and professional, achieving the required result. Since leaving, we have had no leaks or weeps from any radiators. He is a credit to you and I will be recommending your company to others. We wish you every success in the future.”

Martin J Clarke | London | 13th November 2015


“Recommended Powerflush, but they absolutely deserved the recommendation! David called to let us know he was coming, was very professional and friendly while he was here offering advice, and went the extra mile to make sure he had every base covered before he left. No problems recommending at all.”

Martin Harris | London | 8th November 2015


“Was recommende to use power flush by my heating engineer before he needs to replace a heat exchanger. Rang the same day and got an engineer next dy. Steve arrived before 08,00 and explained what he would be doing. Because the systen hadn't been flushed ever there wer a number of problems initially but Steve persvered and when he had finished all the sytem was working great. I am still going to replace the Heat Exchanger then I will have a system that is like new with clean pipes. I will recommend power flush for there professional service. Not to expensive for the results you get. Des ”

Des Waterfall | Hertfordshire | 25th April 2015


“Great service on time friendly, even made the tea. Boiler runs perfect now water heats fine with no bangs or varied tempreture. ”

w warman | Essex | 16th April 2015


“Joe was great very thorough and explained all step by step ,very helpful with vast knowledges.seems needs lots of experiences and hard work true professional. Highly recommends Engineer Joe.”

Roy | Warwickshire | 18th March 2015


“I can't recommend this company enough. They arrived on time (in fact 10 minutes early!) - Lee was great throughout, explaining what the issues were and what needed to be done. The radiators all work fine now, and there is no more noise coming from the pipes anymore. A fantastic job and great customer service too. Thanks!”

Carlos | London | 17th March 2015


“The powerflush was a complete success today. For months if not years we have had some cold radiators and a noisy boiler. We looked around, got quotes but decided to go with Powerflush even though they were more expensive than some as they are the specialists. We made the right decision. Daniel Barrett was outstanding, prompt, efficient, friendly and overall a great bloke. He explained everything and worked hard, and the result of all of this is a house full of boiling hot radiators and a happy family. I wholeheartedly recommend Daniel and Powerflush.”

Matthew | Buckinghamshire | 30th January 2015


“Michael Pinner provided a first class service. He did an excellent job, clean and tidy, efficient and friendly - a very good service”

Anne Cook | Norfolk | 20th January 2015


“What a great service. I wish I had been told of your company a few years ago. Your engineer was very helpful, friendly and really knew his trade. It was amazing just what came out of the system. The last plumber who tried to flush it just used mains pressure 1 way. To my surprise when reverse flushed i was amazed what came out. I would definately recommend this to anyone, let alone people and engineers like my who hve underfloor heating. Many thanks once again”

David Goggin | Worcestershire | 14th January 2015


“Customer service at its absolute best. Michael, the engineer, was outstanding. His telephone call, the previous evening confirmed an 8.00am start the following day. As arranged, on the dot, he was there. This was not an easy system to sort out but but he was not going to be beaten and he stuck at it until the system was working perfectly. I cannot recommend the work that he did more highly. Careful, clean and meticulous. Thank you!”

John Irwin | South Yorkshire | 30th December 2014


“Jo undertook the power flush at my home recently! The process is unquestionable with the results showing a fantastic improvement to the heating system. Equally impressive was Jo's commitment and work rate to completing the job! Having travelled 3hrs to get to me and arriving at 8.30am, he didn't stop all day before leaving at around 6.45pm !! 7 cups of tea in all but hats off to him for all that effort! Well recommended!, Jo you deserve a day off mate! JW.”

John Wilson | Carmarthenshire | 18th November 2014


“Lee completed a powerflush in my home yesterday. Throughout the day I was impressed with his competence and professionalism. He was also very polite, tidy and respectful of my home. I would recommend a powerflush from this company, service was excellent. Thank you.”

Rebecca Sury | London | 22nd October 2014


“Had Lee do a powerflush. Very happy, polite engineer who was very helpful.”

Denis Pillay | London | 16th May 2014


“I highly recommend Powerflush Ltd. Both their administrative and the plumbers give fantastic customer service. They are not the cheapest but I would advise you to pay the extra as they know what they are doing. Costas was excellent and very knowledgeable. I have more property and I will use them again.”

Gariba Awudu | Bedfordshire | 9th May 2014


“We recently had our whole system flushed by your representative, Lee. I would like to take this opportunity to thank him and yourselves for a job well done, in a professional and efficient manner, and thank him for his advice on future maintenance of our system. Thank you once again the system is working like a dream!! Regards”

Stephen Hall | Surrey | 20th April 2014


“Lee spent all day with us yesterday. He arrived exactly on time and didn't leave until everything had been completed. He was cheerful, efficient and very tidy - the place looked cleaner after he'd gone! I'm writing this review in a house that is warmer and quieter than it was before his visit. I'm now looking forward to some lower gas bills.”

Michael Brown | Surrey | 21st March 2014


“Shaun's on top form again. An excellent and very professional piece of work. Our heating system is back up to top notch performance thanks to his sterling efforts. Highly recommended.”

Martin Ware | London | 13th March 2014


“Shaun from Powerflush Sussex Ltd carried out an excellent powerflush of our system yesterday and we were very pleased with his work. A really nice guy, who was very quick and efficient. would recommend him to anyone looking to get this sort of work done.”

Lindsay Davidson | Hertfordshire | 7th March 2014


“A big thank you to Shaun (Powerflush Sussex Ltd) for all his help today. Everything carried out very efficiently and nothing was too much trouble”

William Noble | Buckinghamshire | 28th February 2014


“A big thank you to Alan jones who got our heating working .. Very professional and completely trustworthy .. I would highly recommend”

Gill Moore | Swindon | 28th November 2013