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“We were very impressed with Sam Aldridge and the Powerflush that he carried out today. We had a pretty old central heating system (installed 28 years ago)and the radiators on the ground floor were giving out very little heat. A friend had recommended Powerflush to us and we decided to go for it. Sam spent the whole day running up and down the stairs checking all the radiators, explaining exactly what he was doing, and showed us the sludge that he was removing. End result: a system that is giving out heat in all rooms - fantastic! no more huddling in the one heated room! We highly recommend this process and particularly Sam Aldridge”

Margaret Thompson | London | 19th October 2010


“Thanks very much Colin for an excellent job! You arrived early and worked hard ... and left me with hot water! I appreciated your cheerful attitude and informative explanations of how the power flush worked. I would definitely recommend Power Flush. Thanks!”

Esther | London | 16th October 2010


“Had Sam from powerflush clean out our system using the £300 government grant. Although there had been no problem with the heating system,the powerflush removed an awful lot of residue and I'm sure it will be money well spent. Furthermore Sam was thoroughly knowledgeable and professional and I can recommend him wholeheartedly.”

Mrs J Wilcox | Kent | 13th October 2010


“Kostas came to Powerflush and was bang on time at 8am, he is clean & tidy which we really appreciated. Found it a pleasant experience.”

George Pickett | Lincolnshire | 13th October 2010


“I was extremely happy with the job Shaun Aldridge did for me. He was punctual and didn't stop working the whole day. I'm not clued up about central heating systems and having them powerflushed but Shaun answered all my questions and talked me through each stage of the job. There was even a little problem he incurred which was overcome with ease ... he even took the initiative to call up my plumber to get information about previous work that had been done at my house. I am much obliged to both Shaun and Powerflush on a great job done. Thank you. ”

Mr Whatty | London | 12th October 2010


“Mick Whylie came through to Powerflush our property, he was spot on time and a delightful chap who did an excellent job. We are very pleased with the results.”

Mr Williamson | Oldham | 11th October 2010


“I was very pleased with the job Kostas did. He was efficient, professional and very helpful. Thanks for everything.”

Mrs Kwaso | London | 11th October 2010


“I cannot say I was impressed with Alun, I was VERY impressed. Thank you for recommending him. When Alun says he starts at 8am, he is there before 7.59am and when he says he will be there until late he did not leave before 10pm. Alun was not satisfied though so he returned and spent much of Sunday ensuring all radiators worked. We are immensely satisfied with the result, delighted at having had the company of such a clean, tidy, lovely man and are busy recommending you to all our friends and family. Thank you Alun”

David Jones Williams | Swansea | 11th October 2010


“I was very impressed with Powerflush's representative Shaun Aldridge. He was on time, worked through his lunch break and was altogether extremely professional. I'm delighted with the end results.”

Diane Walker | London | 9th October 2010


“After bad experiences with British gas and local plumbers, Sam arrived early, quickly assessed and diagnosed the problem, and unblocked my hot water system, before giving everything a good powerflush. Sam explained everything clearly and was straight forward and honest. He did everything he could and fixed my problem. I definitely recommend him.”

D Bilcock | London | 8th October 2010


“Very impressed with Richard, he was very competent and a credit to your firm. He explained everything and showed us what was happening as the job went on. Definately worth getting done. Try not to forget your spanners and grips next job though!”

Mr Bishop | Oxfordshire | 7th October 2010


“I wish to say 'Thank You' for recommending my central heating to be treated with your Powerflush cleansing system. The heating now works a treat - before I was shivering in the kitchen although there is a large radiator it just did not get hot nor did several of my radiators; one in the sitting room and another in the bedroom. Now I am fair blooming with radiators like the tropics - now, I can turn them lower, if I wish!! Your representive, Michael, was a real gentleman. The bungalow was kept clean & tidy & no mess at all & Michael really does an excellent job. He is an employee to be proud of.”

Norma | Cheshire | 4th October 2010


“A big thank you to Mr Mick Whylie from your company. He is an asset to the company, so polite, obliging, prompt, efficient and most important for my wife, clean. ”

Mr Turner | Liverpool | 1st October 2010


“Thank you Daniel for coming out and fixing my radiators. Everything is working fine with them. My rads are getting nice and hot. ”

Mrs Allday | Surrey | 1st October 2010


“Richard was very polite and helpful. He went out of his way to explain the process of his work. He was very considerate to my baby being in the house and was asking permission to do things. I really couldn’t fault him at all. I feel it is important to share such feedback with you. Thank you. ”

Mrs C Richardson | Hertfordshire | 1st October 2010


“Michael Whylie is an excellent chap. He is very clean and very tidy. I am very obliged. I feel I must reiterate how excellent his work and attitude was. I was very pleased and delighted with him. I am going to recommend him to all my friends and daughter is already looking into it. You are such a professional company, a very great team. ”

Mrs Turner | Liverpool | 1st October 2010


“I was very very impressed with the service and knowledge of Shaun when he came to clean our system. A really good professional and clean company to spend the day with. Great value for money too, as I already feel the radiator heating stronger. Tali Silver”

Tali SIlver | London | 25th September 2010


“Dan was a wonderful engineer and he worked very hard, thank you.”

Reading | Reading | 24th September 2010


“Michael Whylie did a very good job. I was very delighted with his work and I felt he worked incredibly hard. I am very happy with his service.”

Jason Peters | Liverpool | 24th September 2010


“Shaun was a fantastic, wonderful engineer. I received 1st class service and have been left so impressed by the work & cleanliness of Shaun.”

Alan Bradley | London | 23rd September 2010


“I had power flush done last week for central heating system by Mr Shuan Aldridge. He is a good time keeper and the job done is very efficient. He knows what he is doing and is a polite man who explain as how the power flush system works and its benefits. After finishing the work he has tidy up the place which is well appreciated. I will not hesitate to recommend Shaun to my friends. ”

J Shah | Brighton & Hove | 23rd September 2010


“Sam Aldridge did a magnificent job on Powerflushing our CH system.He is very diligent, honest and hardworking guy. Carry on the GOOD work. Rgds, TerryM”

Terry McGarry | Berkshire | 18th September 2010


“I would like to expres my thanks & appreciation for the excellent service I received from your employee Lee Duffield yesterday. A job, which I imagined would be disruptive & stressful, was carried out with maximum consideration & efficiency. I am very grateful & shall recommend your company whenever I can.”

Jean Anderson | London | 6th September 2010


“Having been highly recommended by a mate of mine.I found Alun to be very professional,and also the whole team at Powerfulsh.I would recommend your company to any body.Thankyou.”

john wesley | Wiltshire | 5th September 2010


“We were very impressed by the friendly and efficient manner in which the engineer, Sean, carried out the work. I would recommend him to anyone.”

Brian Dugan | London | 26th August 2010


“Many thanks for the work that was needed and done to our central heating system, and please pass our thanks on to Lee who carried out the work, he was excellent, efficient and clean.”

Mrs J Grange | London | 25th August 2010


“I would like to say that I am extremely satisfied with the efficient manner that the work was carried out - both during the advance preparation by yourselves, and on the day, by your most capable engineer - Richard Jefferies. Many thanks for a good job well done!”

Ron Banks | Derbyshire | 23rd August 2010


“Shaun Aldridge came and powerflushed our underfloor heating system - he couldn't have been more efficient ,helpful & good humoured - we were very pleased ”

j desyllas | London | 22nd August 2010


“Sam arrived at my house on the dot (all the way from Kent!) and was an absolute joy to have around. He did the job perfectly and nothing was too much trouble. His explanations were very easy to understand and informative. I would recommend Sam and Powerflush Ltd to anybody needing their expertise. ”

Mrs Gilda Rees | London | 21st August 2010


“I am 200% satisfied with the standard of work carried out by Kostas, he is a good man and represents the company well.”

Francis Prah | London | 18th August 2010


“Alun, arrived on time, was very polite, professional, friendly and tidy. I expected a lot more mess but he was careful to cover flooring, so I was very pleased with the results I would recommend him and Powerflush to others (already have actually)”

Sandra Clare | Bristol | 12th August 2010


“We are very pleased we went with Powerflush to clean out our radiators and install thermostatic valves. Barry was polite, tidy, professional and clearly took pride in his work. Thanks ! ”

David Hudson | Bracknell Forest | 10th August 2010


“Sam arrived on time and was helpful in the way he went about his job leaving no mess. I had received great kowledgable service from the time powerflush answered my call right to the end of the day with Sam.”

Mr Peck | Essex | 9th August 2010


“Sam did an excellent job was here from 8.15 to 3.30 and never stopped working he was very polite and courteous I will recommend him”

George Gleghorn | Hertfordshire | 9th August 2010


“I was really pleased with Shaun the engineers performance. Very clean, very quick and efficient. A very pleasant experience. No complaints”

Anne Hone | Brighton & Hove | 6th August 2010


“Alan the engineer was brilliant, he arrived 5mins early which my wife found amazing for a trademan. He had a wealth of knowledge, kept disturbance minimal and the results were even better than expected. There was a problem with the valve that Alan described and I was able to correct it myself. excellent!!”

Mr Atherorn | Southampton | 6th August 2010


“I referred Powerflush to a customer of mine. From what I hear, Albert did an exceptional job. The customer was satisfied with no complaints whatsoever. ”

Mr Kifoun (Plumber) | London | 5th August 2010


“I was extremely pleased with the service I received. The engineer was 30 mins early. Explained the full procedure clearly and explained what he was doing as he carried out the work. - Vey thorough and professional.”

Mr Sherlock | London | 4th August 2010


“Sam arrived prompt at 8am. Very professional, clean, knowledgeable, courteous and friendly. He worked non stop but still took the time to explain the process and answer every question comprehensively. He was a pleasure to have in the house. I would highly recommend Sam to anyone.”

Brian Todd | Essex | 3rd August 2010


“Shaun was a pleasure to have working in my home, very efficient and kept me informed the whole way through the proceedure. 10/10”

Jean Fuller | West Sussex | 30th July 2010


“Received a wonderful service from the moment Powerflush Ltd answered my call to the moment Sam the engineer said goodbye.”

R & V Packham | Kent | 29th July 2010


“Just as Daniel arrived, my husband was very ill and had a fall. Daniel rushed to my husbands side, helped him up then waited with us, calming us until the ambulance arrived. I left him in our house unsupervised to do the Powerflush while I went to the hospital with my husband. During the day Daniel updated me on the progress and checked on my husbands health, I came home to my house all locked up by Daniel and a successful powerflush completed.”

Anonymous | Surrey | 29th July 2010


“At every stage of the job Colin showed us what he was doing, and was happy to answer any questions. Even though I had a few stubborn radiators, he managed to get get the system working perfectly. I am very happy I finally got the powerflush done, and would recommend the service to anyone. ”

Ian Payn | Middlesborough | 27th July 2010


“Kostas was a marvellous worker. Even though he did not take a break all day, he would not accept a tip from myself! Very impressed. ”

Carolin Hutchings | London | 27th July 2010


“The powerflush went well and I am looking forward to a warm and cosy winter. The £300 from the Warm Front grant really helped, thank you!

David Bate | Birmingham | 27th July 2010


“I thought the job was a big success. Sam was very helpful, and helped me understand the process. I couldn't believe all of the muck that came out of the radiators!”

Ms Anderson | Essex | 27th July 2010


“I was extremely happy with the powerflush. Albert was a lovely engineer who arrived on time and left the house clean and tidy. ”

Mrs Michelle Fardy | Buckinghamshire | 27th July 2010


“I was very happy with the Powerflush service. The engineer was very professional, on time and worked very hard all day. When Richard was finished he changed all of the valves and left the furniture as he found it. I would be happy to recommend powerflush.”

Mr Hardaker | Coventry | 26th July 2010


“At the end of the job the water from the system had turned from sludge brown to crystal clear. Barry was polite, courteous and very professional - very happy with the standard of service provided. ”

Rob Butler | London | 26th July 2010


“My house has so many radiators that I was very impressed by how efficient and well mannered Albert was throughout the day. Good day!”

Michael Pask | Slough | 26th July 2010