Power Flushing Cheshire

Comments for Cheshire

“Mick arrived at 8am on the dot. Worked right through without a break, done a good clean job, and very satisfied.”

C Maloney | Cheshire | 27th November 2013


“I wish to say 'Thank You' for recommending my central heating to be treated with your Powerflush cleansing system. The heating now works a treat - before I was shivering in the kitchen although there is a large radiator it just did not get hot nor did several of my radiators; one in the sitting room and another in the bedroom. Now I am fair blooming with radiators like the tropics - now, I can turn them lower, if I wish!! Your representive, Michael, was a real gentleman. The bungalow was kept clean & tidy & no mess at all & Michael really does an excellent job. He is an employee to be proud of.”

Norma | Cheshire | 4th October 2010


“My microbore heating system was all blocked up until Jeff came and sorted it. I'm very pleased with Jeff's work, he got it all working excellently. He burnt off the chocolate biscuits with all his running up and down the stairs.”

Mrs Inglis | Cheshire | 16th February 2010


“Daniel arrived promptly and very respectful of my home. He communicated and explained the process, a lovely young man who left everything clean, tidy and back in its place!”

Peggy Salter | Cheshire | 20th January 2010


“Alun came and did a wonderful and very satisfactory job on my central heating. My boiler is about 23 years old and after powerflushing all my 16 radiators are so hot as if they are all new. The boiler was making a noise before which has now disappeared. Alun was a very friendly and pleasant gentleman.”

Dr Harish Tiwari | Cheshire | 15th August 2009