Power Flushing Hertfordshire

Comments for Hertfordshire

“Sali Troka arrived spot on time and said what he was going to do. He was a perfect gentleman, very polite and professional. He went about his business and completed a perfect flush and balanced the heating system to perfection. It is now working the best it has for years, and I should know because I was a plumber / heating engineer for nearly 53 years. I have used Powerflush in the past on some of my jobs, and they have always done an excellent job. Thank-you Powerflush. ”

William Espie | Hertfordshire | 19th December 2023


“Nice friendly guy good service boiler and radiators running really well now thanks ”

Nick Collett | Hertfordshire | 27th February 2023


“The engineer, Mr Troka, arrived on time, was polite, friendly and very knowledgeable. He explained everything clearly and worked hard all day, going above and beyond. I would not hesitate to recommend him, and Powerflush Ltd to anyone needing assistance with their heating system.”

Janet Rober | Hertfordshire | 18th January 2023


“Friendly, knowledgeable guys. Minimum disruption. Great job”

Ian Hudson | Hertfordshire | 6th October 2022


“What an amazingly wonderful, friendly and extremely efficient service! Dominique was so helpful and very calming (since I've been a little stressed out about my boiler issues) and organised for Milto to run the powerflush. He was so friendly, polite and informative and explained everything clearly showing me how the whole thing worked. The team even liaised with my plumber to make sure everyone was up to date on the state of my heating system. I don't think my heating system had ever been powerflushed seeing all the filthy stuff that came out. I'm so glad it's now been done. The radiators heat up so nicely, and the boiler works smoothly without making a sound! Makes such a difference, and only took a few hours...now no more stress! Truly such a great team, and would definitely recommend them to others who need powerflushing in their lives :) ”

Dash | Hertfordshire | 25th August 2022


“Great work and really recommend!! ”

Emma Porter | Hertfordshire | 9th September 2021


“Was recommende to use power flush by my heating engineer before he needs to replace a heat exchanger. Rang the same day and got an engineer next dy. Steve arrived before 08,00 and explained what he would be doing. Because the systen hadn't been flushed ever there wer a number of problems initially but Steve persvered and when he had finished all the sytem was working great. I am still going to replace the Heat Exchanger then I will have a system that is like new with clean pipes. I will recommend power flush for there professional service. Not to expensive for the results you get. Des ”

Des Waterfall | Hertfordshire | 25th April 2015


“Shaun from Powerflush Sussex Ltd carried out an excellent powerflush of our system yesterday and we were very pleased with his work. A really nice guy, who was very quick and efficient. would recommend him to anyone looking to get this sort of work done.”

Lindsay Davidson | Hertfordshire | 7th March 2014


“Super service from Shaun arrived early left late in the day was here nearly nine hours was a clean worker very efficient made sure everything was working correctly great guy ”

Tony Brightly | Hertfordshire | 11th January 2013


“Very happy with the powerflush work I had scheduled for today. Powerflush sent me an engineer called Kostas who was very friendly and obliging to me. Good job done, thanks”

Mr Slaben | Hertfordshire | 23rd April 2012


“I must say I'm very impressed with Kostas's work yesterday. He was extremely helpful and attentive to my needs with a somewhat complex job. In addition to carrying out a very successful powerflush Kostas changed my microbore valves from double entry valves to single entry, which has improved the efficiency of my system endlessly. Many thanks Kostas from a very happy customer!”

Happy Customer | Hertfordshire | 9th March 2012


“What a difference! Central heating has never worked so well, never knew the house could achieve such warmth. Lee was superb, explained the process, left no mess just a warm house and a lot of very good advice. I wish I had come across Powerflush years ago. Worth every penny, brilliant!”

Steve | Hertfordshire | 17th December 2011


“Dear PowerFlush, Excellent, professional, and highly recommended. Engineer arrived on time and completed in time. Saved us lots of monies as British Gas wanted to install new boiler, and power flush fixed it at fraction of cost and power flushing was all that was needed to solve the problem, Thank You power Flush, highly recommended”

Vinod | Hertfordshire | 26th October 2011


“Steve came to carry out the work at our home, he was so good, helpful,efficient, and a credit to your company. Thank you. kathy mCloughlin”

Mrs K Mcloughlin | Hertfordshire | 27th September 2011


“Richard did a marvellous job. Very professional, timely and reliable. Highly recommended.”

Mr Edige | Hertfordshire | 25th July 2011


“Richard was very polite and helpful. He went out of his way to explain the process of his work. He was very considerate to my baby being in the house and was asking permission to do things. I really couldn’t fault him at all. I feel it is important to share such feedback with you. Thank you. ”

Mrs C Richardson | Hertfordshire | 1st October 2010


“Sam did an excellent job was here from 8.15 to 3.30 and never stopped working he was very polite and courteous I will recommend him”

George Gleghorn | Hertfordshire | 9th August 2010


“Kostas was our powerflusher & the job went well, with no hitches and I am now living in a warmer home. I went the Warm Front route so happy about the saving. ”

Richard Crook | Hertfordshire | 8th July 2010


“Kostas did the powerflush, he is a lovely polite and well turned out engineer, we are happy with the service. Looking forward to noticing a difference in the heating.”

Mrs Dimmock | Hertfordshire | 1st June 2010


“Shaun came and did a fantastic job on our heating system on 7th May. He was very informative explaining everything he was doing in detail. Great to have such a friendly and charming person in your home. Many thanks Shaun have already recomended your service so hope they get in touch. ”

Trevor Willson | Hertfordshire | 24th May 2010


“Shaun Aldridge carried out a powerflush of my central heating system today. It was a pleasure to deal with a friendly, knowledgeable engineer who knew what he was doing and had the right attitude and attributes in dealing with his customer. He projected a good image for Powerflush Ltd”

Michael Allen | Hertfordshire | 14th April 2010


“Colin attempted to Powerflush my central heating system but found a complete blockage. However, he persevered, found the fault and replaced the difficult to get at blocked valves with spares he carried and then completed the full Powerflush, all with a good grace, pleasant, friendly and informative without complaint. Well done. The Powerflush ‘back office’ team were knowledgeable, informative and efficient, a delight to deal with. Well done everyone at Powerflush.”

P. Ball | Hertfordshire | 24th February 2010


“Richard arrived punctually at 8 am and worked cleanly and profesionally until 3 pm. He explained every step of the process and was clearly proud of his work and the equipment that he used. Amazed at the thoroughness of the clean and hopefully has given my boiler and radiators a new lease of life. So pleased to have spotted Powerflush Ltd on the web and the informative video. As good as it gets. ”

J Humphreys | Hertfordshire | 9th February 2010


“Sorry for delay but just wanted to thank the lovely Daniel for all his help on 29 Dec. Heating now working well and we are warm and toasty once again. Daniel explained everything he was doing very clearly and was a pleasure to have in the house! Would happily recommend your company in the future.”

Maxine Steinberg | Hertfordshire | 3rd January 2010


“I had the tell tale symptoms of a clogged central heating systems, cold radiators and a noisy boiler. Power flush were recommended to me, I am so glad they were!! You were all great to deal with, and Alan’s experience and work ethic was amazing. What can I say, my house was treated with great respect, dust sheet were laid down in every work area, and what was promised from Power flush was delivered. A huge thanks you to you all, and if anyone asked, you would be my first recommendation. Great job ! ”

Phil Ashgrove | Hertfordshire | 14th December 2009


“Daniel arrived promptly, and has worked all day cleaning out the system, I am very happy with the end result.”

Mr Glue | Hertfordshire | 4th November 2009


“It was a pleasure having Sean in our house. He was knowledgable, explaining everything to us, confident in his work and considerate to our home. Thank you”

Sarah Windamere | Hertfordshire | 30th October 2009


“Kostas carried out our system powerflush. He arrived promply at 0800am and worked throughout the "flush" stopping only for the occasional coffee. He volunteered information and explanations at all stages during the process. We did not have the "dirtyiest" system but it is satisfying to see all the rust, debris etc dissapearing down the drain. I would recommend Powerflush to anyone, who like me, wants or needs their heating system professionally flushed. Your hard work is much appreciated. Bob and Lynn Atkins ”

Robert Atkins | Hertfordshire | 18th September 2009


“Very pleased with work carried out by Barry & his professionalism. I am happy with my end results.”

Linda Stanley | Hertfordshire | 15th September 2009


“Thank you for a brilliant job carried out by your engineer. It was embarrassing to see the speed with which heworked at and he did not take a break to even drink a glass of water. When he finished which must have been a good seven hours later you wouldn't have noticed he was even there. No mess left as I have become accustomed to with some tradesmen. Your company must be very lucky to have engineers like him.”

Alan Stevens | Hertfordshire | 10th February 2009