Power Flushing Surrey

Comments for Surrey

“Certainly a very experienced company, I've never been so well flushed in all the time living here in Sutton, Surrey, and that's 56 years. Every aspect of the system has had the best clean of it's entire life, precisely 47 years since it was installed. ”

Kenneth Cartwright | Surrey | 19th June 2023


“Dan was brilliant. Arrived early and got started straight away explaining everything to me as he went. Very knowledgeable about heating and radiators. Very clean and efficient. I would recommend ”

Bill Drummond | Surrey | 18th May 2023


“An excellent company. Dominique was friendly and very efficient on the phone when I was making the appointment and agreeing the price. Zeb was fastidious ... even phoning the night before in order to be fully informed as to what boilers and system we have. On the day he was friendly, enthusiastic and very happy to let me know exactly what he was doing. I learned a lot from him that day ... his expertise and experience was greatly appreciated.”

Tim Friend | Surrey | 4th November 2022


“From the moment Zeb entered our property he was both professional and courteous. He was respectful by removing his shoes when he came through the front door, I told him he could keep his shoes on knowing that he would be in and out of the property all day but he insisted, it’s the little things that make a good impression! He got to work straight away explaining every step of the way what he was doing which I appreciated. Even though my kids were getting in the way he didn’t seem to mind. I highly recommend Zeb, he’s very knowledgeable and extremely skilled in what he does. ”

Harpreet Bilkhoo | Surrey | 27th October 2022


“Brilliant service from Milto Troka - expert, worked for 6 hours solidly carefully calibrating system, very good communicator. Excellent. ”

Louise & Steve Tippett | Surrey | 25th October 2022


“Thumbs up. Great team & customer service. flush was interesting to watch. Staff member (Jauon) was lovely,very knowledgeable & kept me informed what was going on at each stage explained it all simply. One of those things like having a re-wire in your home you don’t really see the benefits until you look at the machine/magnets and see all the black tar like sludge & metal pieces come out of your system/radiators. Took a few hours but less than what I thought to be honest. Would give the company & especially Jauon 10/10.”

Miss l felgate | Surrey | 22nd August 2022


“Zeb came to my house yesterday to complete a power flush after a recommendation from local plumber following the work zeb recommended further things that would benefit and prolong the life of my boiler very knowledgeable professional and worked in a tidy manner wouldn’t hesitate to recommend zeb and powerflush ”

Mark orthodoxou | Surrey | 6th July 2022


“Daniel was brilliant. I highly recommend him and would definitely use him again. Thank you!”

Melanie Kemp | Surrey | 7th April 2022


“My elderly parents recently had a new boileer fitted. The company left a list of errors and eventually left them without heat or water for more than a week. I was recommended Powerflush and the engineers( Zeb & Eddie) did a fantastic job! Explained clearly to my elderly parents what was happening at every stage and made them feel comfortable. Friendly, efficient and professional. Brilliant.”

Michelle Robinson | Surrey | 15th March 2022


“Zeb and Eddie provided a high level of service fixing our limping central heating and hot water. They also identified a couple of potential issues with the system that might need addressing in the future. They were polite, friendly and courteous. They put mats down and were respectful of our property. My wife and I were very satisfied and the price was also reasonable. Our heating system is now much quicker to warm up, warms up evenly throughout the rads and pipework and is much quieter.”

Mark Assinder | Surrey | 20th February 2022


“Very pleased with the service received. Arrived promptly, kept us informed of the progress throughout the work and have achieved the end result we were hoping for. Highly recommended ”

Christopher Tizzard | Surrey | 18th February 2022


“Zeb and Eddie were very efficient, knowledgeable and professional. The flush has not only improved the efficiency of the radiators and hot water system, but made it much quieter too. They also very helpfully offered advice on how to solve a couple of long-standing issues with the system. Excellent service.”

Stuart | Surrey | 12th February 2022


“First class service, succeeded in clearing blockage when two previous firms had failed”

george Steel | Surrey | 12th February 2022


“Zeb and Eddie are very good at what they do. They are professional and get the job done. They encountered a few challenges with my heating system but they persevered and didn't give up until it was sorted. They are amazing. They are Clean tidy respectful and a God send. Zeb explained everything to me including what was wrong and how he was going to fix it. Brilliant!! ”

Rekha Ramnarain | Surrey | 24th January 2022


“Amazing service from the office on initial enquiry and again when appointment needed to be delayed due to the engineer injuring himself. Zeb called last night to let me know when they will arrive and what to expect. Zeb and Eddie did our job full powerflush of the system, these guys are a true asset to your company, polite, super friendly and so informative. Very pleased with the whole process. ”

Suzanne Trimmer | Surrey | 18th January 2022


“A first class service. The engineer Zeb and his colleague (apologies never got his name), came in, went over my problems to be sure they were addressing the correct issue, looked at the system, then described quite clearly what they were going to do. Very polite, tidy, and informative. Stayed afterwards to ensure everything was working properly and that there were no problems. System is now working much better. ”

Gordon | Surrey | 3rd December 2021


“Milto came in on time (I would say 10mins early) and completed the powerflush in professional way. He explained the problems and how this work will help to resolve the issues. After the work, Milto ensured the place is clean and tidy. I wish we had done it before.”

Rajagopal Srinivasan | Surrey | 24th November 2021


“Today, 26th April Zeb has done an excellent job! He is very punctual, knowledgeable and polite engineer. He power-flushed our heating system, he cleaned every single radiator and explained to us how to look after our boiler. He is extremely tidy and clean, and we would deeply recommend his services to our relatives and friends. We wish there could be more specialists like him!”

Ekaterina Troyanova | Surrey | 26th April 2021


“Just had our powerflush completed by Zeb. Feels much warmer already and previous cold rads are now warm! Great job done by Zeb, very tidy worker and kept us informed throughout on how it was going and how much sludge was coming out ! ”

Gary Gridley | Surrey | 19th January 2021


“Excellent service provided by Luke, very knowledgeable and professional. The whole system is now working perfectly and I've also gained some knowledge to help maintain the system going forward. Very happy with the experience all round.”

David Morgan | Surrey | 7th January 2021


“Daniel did an excellent job - thankyou”

Martin DSherrington | Surrey | 21st September 2020


“Zeb did a really good job, very helpful. Would recommend him to anyone ”

Donald Fraser | Surrey | 7th July 2020


“After a month and two plumbers later during the Christmas/winter period, Zeb arrived and confidently flushed the system. Very experienced and knowledgeable-it worked a treat! No issues apart from now the house it too hot!!! Brilliant service and value for money compared to other quotes. If you need a power flush (of which I was at first sceptical of)—just do it, luckily there were no issues, but it would have been handled competently if there was.”

A.Prashad | Surrey | 30th January 2020


“We were told by a British Gas engineer that we needed a powerflush as we had a blockage. We were told by him that it would cost around £900 obviously a British Gas quote. I then searched online and found Powerflush Limited and got a quote of £405 for the same job. Zeb came out and what a great job he did. Ours was really bad and it took him a lot of time and patience to clear it as it had not been done for years. He was really helpful and polite. I would recommend Powerflush to anyone and if Zeb turns up that's a bonus!”

Celia Matterface | Surrey | 15th November 2019


“Having been at our new house for a year, we were told we needed a powerflush done during a bathroom refurb and it couldn't have been a more straightforward and professional process to get it booked in the day after we called. A specialist service and Zeb was fantastic and really diligent from start to finish. He explained the process at every step of the way after listening to all of our concerns and questions. No shortcuts taken whatsoever as he had to put up with our reduced water pressure and he even balanced the entire system before he left too. Highly recommend Zeb as his attitude to the work was faultless! Thanks again”

Jon H | Surrey | 7th November 2019


“Daniel Barrett arrived promptly and after familiarising himself with the Heating System, quickly got to work in setting up the flushing equipment. Any questions on the work to be undertaken were answered with full explanations. The flushing operations then proceeded smoothly and in a logical method to suit the existing heating system configuration. The result has been well worthwhile, promoting better heating water circulation and quicker response time from the radiators. Thus a well worthwhile operation carried out in a very competent and friendly manner. Thanks.”

Nigel | Surrey | 28th March 2019


“Daniel arrived today to carry out power flush. Really nice guy who explained clearly what he was going to do and the possible outcomes. Apart from the sludge in the system he discovered that our expansion tank was completely empty as the ballcock was jammed. This explained why our boiler had stopped functioning (in addition to the dirty system). He sorted all that and we now have a fully functioning system again (with the rads properly balanced). We'd certainly recommend Daniel to anyone in need of a power flush. ”

David Hallowell | Surrey | 13th February 2019


“Exceptional service and excellent job and great customer care from Calvin. No mess and cost very reasonable. Heating working better than ever. Would highly recommend. Thank you Powerflush. ”

Mr and mrs wilkinson | Surrey | 23rd March 2018


“We had our whole system cleaned on Friday. The engineer was Lee who worked so hard. He did a great job and went above and beyond his duty to provide excellent customer service! He explained exactly what he was doing and the muck that was cleared out was unbelievable. Would definitely recommend this company. Many thanks for a great service.”

Mrs M Moss | Surrey | 27th February 2017


“Our plumber, Tony recommended Powerflush when our boiler was failing and we had no heat from any of our radiators. We had to a wait a few days for an appointment (due to demand in our area) but Lee arrived at the agreed time at 8 am today. He was very knowledgeable and talked me through the process of what had to be done and was patient whilst I got my children off to school. He had found the blockage by the time I had returned home from the school run and meticulously sorted everything out going round to each of our seven radiators to clear the sludge. I was amazed at what came out of each radiator! Our home is now toasty warm. I highly recommend Powerflush and now know how to maintain our radiators for the future.”

Kate Price | Surrey | 6th February 2017


“We had a power flush of our heating system last week. Daniel was the engineer, he was extremely professional and efficient. Having had ineffective heating since we moved in last summer, the house is now toasty warm! Can not believe how much difference it has made. ”

Kat | Surrey | 15th February 2016


“We recently had our whole system flushed by your representative, Lee. I would like to take this opportunity to thank him and yourselves for a job well done, in a professional and efficient manner, and thank him for his advice on future maintenance of our system. Thank you once again the system is working like a dream!! Regards”

Stephen Hall | Surrey | 20th April 2014


“Lee spent all day with us yesterday. He arrived exactly on time and didn't leave until everything had been completed. He was cheerful, efficient and very tidy - the place looked cleaner after he'd gone! I'm writing this review in a house that is warmer and quieter than it was before his visit. I'm now looking forward to some lower gas bills.”

Michael Brown | Surrey | 21st March 2014



Sue & Tim Byrne | Surrey | 30th September 2013


“Lee arrived punctually. Explained the power flush process and everything went smoothly. Always vigilant, careful and thorough. All radiators now hot all over. Thanks. ”

CL McCarthy | Surrey | 11th September 2013


“Just had an extremely dirty system expertly cleaned by Shaun of Powerflush. What a great job I would recommend the company to anyone, utterly professional in every regard.”

Peter Swift | Surrey | 4th June 2013


“We were very pleased with Lee's work on 26th March 2013.”

Malcolm Stuart | Surrey | 27th March 2013


“I recently had my central heating power flushed, Sam the engineer was great, here exactly when we agreed, he was professional, described what he was going to do and very tidy. I have no hesitation recommending Power Flush ltd and Sam. The improvement was immediately apparent, just wish I had done it sooner. ”

Christopher Howe | Surrey | 1st March 2013


“From the moment that Barry arrived he was polite, courteous and obviously very knowledgeable. Pausing at the front door to put his slippers on (nice touch and very respectful) he joined me in a tour of our house and pointed out potential challenges for the day ahead but took it all in his stride. I felt extremely confident in his ability and he set about at a professional pace for the days work ahead. The heating has dramatically improved, we know a lot more about our system and the boiler doesn't lock out or "kettle" anymore. From the point of obtaining a quotation online, booking by phone, meeting Barry through to payment I experienced top end customer service and more importantly satisfaction. Thoroughly recommend Powerflush. It may not be the cheapest option but, "buy cheap: buy twice" ”

Giles Mathieson | Surrey | 19th December 2012


“Shaun arrived promptly as promised and got on with the job with great care and explained the process and the discharge from the system. We also had a filter installed whilst the system was being flushed through and prior to refill. Great job and would use them again. ”

A Naran | Surrey | 8th November 2012


“Shaun arrived promptly as promised and got on with the job with great care and explained the process and the discharge from the system. We also had a filter installed whilst the system was being flushed through and prior to refill. Great job and would use them again. ”

A Naran | Surrey | 8th November 2012


“Daniel did a fine job today, no hassle, explained things well and also went an extra yard a two to sort out a mini-leak! Windy Ridge School Road Windlesham GU20 6PB”

Ivan Chandler | Surrey | 29th October 2012


“Shaun must be the next thing to God, If you need a Powerflush Make sure you ask for SHAUN. I agree with all the very positive comments below. I think the only additional comment that I can make to those that have gone before is that he respected our property. Well done Shaun ”

Fred Alan Nightingale | Surrey | 5th October 2012


“Steve was absolutely brilliant. He worked tirelessly without causing any mess and was careful to check that everything was spotless before he left. I was amazed at the amount of muck that he got out of the system. Steve was more than happy to answer any questions I had and gave me some suggestions about how I could improve the running of my heating system. I have since followed his advice and the system is running better than it ever has done since we have owned the house. The cost was exactly as agreed on the phone when arranging the work - no hidden extras. I recommend Powerflush (and Steve) without any hesitation.”

Chris | Surrey | 2nd October 2012


“Shaun arrived promptly, explained the work he needed to do in detail, was friendly and cheerful, and carried out all the work with quiet efficiency. He was extremely careful to take all necessary steps to protect our carpets and furnishings during the work. We would not hesitate to recommend your company and Shaun to our friends. Thankyou for a job extremely well done!”

Mr & Mrs Whittaker | Surrey | 25th September 2012


“Shaun arrived early having started his 80 mile journey at 5.00 am! He had spent about an hour asleep in his van parked in the road outside. This was a measure of his determination to avoid traffic jams on the M25. Shaun's enthusiasm, motivation and competence shone through from square one as he explained exactly what he was going to do. After 7 hours on the job we are now enjoying a much improved heating system. Well done Shaun!”

Trevor Joyner | Surrey | 23rd September 2012


“Lee did a great job. He was outside from 7:45am. He was very efficient and ensured that there was no mess in my home. Thank you. ”

Mrs Pyne | Surrey | 11th September 2012


“I had Lee today and he was lovely, extremely helpful and did his best to explain my system to me. I am all set, ready for winter!”

Mrs Headley | Surrey | 31st August 2012


“Punctual,courteous,clean,tidy and very respectful. Explain the proceedure and worked nonstop until the job was done. Well done Power Flush your representative (Lee) was a credit to your company will recommend to friends and family”

COOMBE | Surrey | 6th August 2012


“I was very impressed with your engineer Daniel, he was courtious and polite and did a very good and thorough job I have very light coloured carpets throughout but he dust sheeted everywhere and the place was spotless when he left. I would have no hesitation recommending him.”

Ian Walder | Surrey | 25th April 2012