Power Flushing Leeds

Comments for Leeds

“Mike from Hull did a great job, no mess what so ever,could`nt believe the amount of sludge that was removed. Now sounds much healthier than last winter. would definately recommend.”

G.GAUNT | Leeds | 5th September 2012


“I thought Mick Pinder did a fantastic job, my system's running nice and efficiently now...many thanks, Mrs Tuman”

Mrs Truman | Leeds | 11th January 2012


“For several years heating - particularly in the bedrooms - we have been experiencing cold radiators. Yesterday, your guy came (Mick Pinder) and did an excellent job on power flushing the system. The gunge that was trapped by the magnet system had to be seen to be believed. The difference is absolutely amazing. Mick was a fantastic worker, methodical, and an obvious perfectionist. He showed us through all the stages of the operation which was impressive. We would have no hesitation in recommending your product - and in particular Mick for his hard work. Kind regards, Michael and Ann Brindle”

Michael Brindle | Leeds | 16th November 2010


“Suffice to say the whole process was straightforward and effective. When we saw the amount of black residues flushing out of the circuit we were surprised and relieved! Finally - the operator was punctual, quite prepared to explain the steps and process. We were well pleased. Thank you.”

Eamonn McNamara | Leeds | 24th June 2010


“Jeff did a good job powerflushing our rental house in Sheffield. He was efficient, tidy and would not leave until he had done the job to his satisfaction. He arrived before 8am and probably did not get home until after 9pm. Being microbore it was a slow job. I look forward to seeing Jeff again when we get our house in Leeds flushed.”

Roger Barker | Leeds | 21st October 2009