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“I had Tony round today & was delighted with the results achieved. No more horrid banging from my boiler which I'm most grateful for. Thank you for carrying out a most excellent powerflush yesterday Tony - Mrs C”

Mrs Calvington | Southampton | 12th March 2012


“I must say I'm very impressed with Kostas's work yesterday. He was extremely helpful and attentive to my needs with a somewhat complex job. In addition to carrying out a very successful powerflush Kostas changed my microbore valves from double entry valves to single entry, which has improved the efficiency of my system endlessly. Many thanks Kostas from a very happy customer!”

Happy Customer | Hertfordshire | 9th March 2012


“Steve was great. He worked hard and made no mess... we were very anxious about our cream carpets being splashed with sludge but Steve took excellent care. Thank you Powerflush”

Mr Rosen | London | 8th March 2012


“just to let you know that i thought alun jones did a brilliant job today,helpful,explained everything and all round pleasant guy,would thoroughly recommend your company to anybody who wants it ”

pete jacobs | Wiltshire | 1st March 2012


“Mick from Hull turned up this morning to fix our central heating system that was quite badly sludged up. His friendly manner and professional expertise ensured that the problem was soon identified and rectified. He spent most of the day working on the issue even though he had driven down to us in south Leicestershire from Hull.As I am also an engineer, I was more than interested in the equipment being used. Would recommend Mick and Powerflush to any one who has a similar problem. Brilliant!! ”

Phil Herbert | Leicestershire | 28th February 2012


“Mike came out to my house, I had not had any Central Heating for two week, He set to work and never stopped, and at the end of his time he made sure all the Central Heating was working, Nothing was much to trouble, Very pleasant Man and put you at ease with his manner, Would recommned this gentleman to anyone, needing work done, so efficient, and left everything clean and tidy, Brilliant worker, ”

Mr A Lawton | Stoke on Trent | 24th February 2012


“Sam did our power flush on the 17/02/2012.He is a friendly and very knowledgable fella.Although our lack of hot hot was not cured he did make some suggestions which have now been rectified by a boiler engineer.We now have a central heating system that is working 100%.I would definately recommend Powerflush Ltd and thanks go to Sam.”

Paul Coy | Kent | 24th February 2012


“The powerflush by Daniel 2 days ago has finally given us a quiet and effective central heating system! The boiler originally started "cycling", over-heating and cutting out. Changing the pump to increase the flow of water made it start "kettling" with banging noises. Both problems have been cured by the powerflush. Daniel explained everything he did clearly and showed me all the scale coming out in the water and stuck to the magnet. An excellent job.”

Rosemary Lyons | Southampton | 22nd February 2012


“Thank you, Shaun, for such an excellent powerflush today. Clean and very efficient, our boiler has never been so quiet. We will definitely recommend you”

Gloria Turner | Essex | 21st February 2012


“A few words to describe your engineer Richard's work today: Efficient; hard-working; neat; pleasant and punctual. Many thanks powerflush”

Mrs Fin | Reading | 21st February 2012


“Dear Sirs, 11.02.12 Barry carried out a power flush at our home. Although the flush finally did for our boiler's heat exchanger, now that this has been replaced, heat has been restored and hot water seems to be circulating to radiators which have been dormant for years. ”

Graham James | London | 20th February 2012


“We have had problems with our heating and hot water - after exploring lots of different options, Powerflush - and in particular Richard - has proved to be an excellent solution. Richard was very efficient, friendly and helpful. Now we have a lovely warm house again! Many thanks Powerflush!”

Jane Adams | Swindon | 8th February 2012


“Many thanks for the excellent service today. Clean and efficient, and we can really feel the difference already! I will definitely be recommending you to all my friends with blockages! (Well Done Shaun!)”

Margaret Goff | Surrey | 6th February 2012


“Many thanks to Shaun for cleaning our 50 year old heating system out! All the radiators are nice and hot again and we are very happy. Also thank you for making a big effort to keep the house nice and clean while you were working. Thank You for a good job.”

Mr Clark | Brighton & Hove | 2nd February 2012


“I was very impressed with the friendliness and professionalism of Powerflush. They were upfront about the fees and have gone the extra mile to help me with a very tricky system-heating and boiler.Colin actually did the powerflush itself and he was good at explaining everything and was efficient and hard-working and friendly. Since then, I've had a lot of interaction with Tarquin and he has been extremely professional, knowledgeable and informative. He has also gone the extra-mile to help me and is working with our boiler engineers to sort out our problems.”

Karen Go | London | 24th January 2012


“I had terrible problems with my large system after a major renovation with 9 new radiators, resulting in boiler errors and half the heating in the house being stone cold, with the rest not much above luke warm. After reading testimonials on here, and being recommended a power flush, I took a chance and called Powerflush Reading. Richard came out the very next day, with temperatures sub zero, and worked literally all day long. Despite the complexity of the system, Richard not only solved the problems but has left us with a system working like it has NEVER worked before. His approach to work was fantastic, and I am very, very impressed and very grateful. We have another boiler in another part of the house, and I will have no hesitation at all in calling Richard back to flush that one when we are ready! Many thanks for a fantastic job.”

Tony Rodriguez | Reading | 17th January 2012


“I had Mick Pinder around to clean out my central heating system and must say I am extremely impressed by the level of work provided by Mick. Sincerely, I could not have predicted the level of change in our system and am very grateful to the company, espcially considering for how many years we had put up with what can only be described as a sub-standard system. Once again - MANY MANY thanks Mick and the team at Powerflush!!!”

Tony Wheeler | Huddersfield | 13th January 2012


“I thought Mick Pinder did a fantastic job, my system's running nice and efficiently now...many thanks, Mrs Tuman”

Mrs Truman | Leeds | 11th January 2012


“Very satisfied with the powerflush results and also very satisfied with the engineer Shaun who explained the process step by step. What a differnence a day makes, our home is lovely and warm now, Thank You.”

Mr Murphy | West Sussex | 9th January 2012


“Michael Pinder arrived on time to flush out our Heating System. He was very professional and knowledeable as he went about his work.He kept us fully informed of everything that was happening and di an excellent job.He was very friendly and a pleasure to have around. I would have no hesitation in reccomending your company. Thank you so much.”

George Holliday | Lincolnshire | 4th January 2012


“What a difference! Central heating has never worked so well, never knew the house could achieve such warmth. Lee was superb, explained the process, left no mess just a warm house and a lot of very good advice. I wish I had come across Powerflush years ago. Worth every penny, brilliant!”

Steve | Hertfordshire | 17th December 2011


“Shaun arrived at 8am on the dot as promised. He was very thorough and explained everything that he was doing regarding the system. A very friendly and likeable chap providing an excellent service. Job done. We would highly recommend Powerflush to anyone. ”

Lisa and Pete | Essex | 17th December 2011


“I thoroughly recommend these guys. We had Shaun at our house today, he arrived bang on 8am and was still working when I left at 3.15. Very helpful and cheerful he was too. Makes a lovely change to all the miserable workmen that have been here previously. ”

Lisa | Essex | 16th December 2011


“What a first class job by Michael pinder. A very courtious and friendly representive of your company.Heating has never been better. It does what is says on the tin! I shall not hesitate to recommend Powerflush to all my friends and contacts. Thank you. ”

Mr Terry Stow | Lincolnshire | 14th December 2011


“Richard arrived on time. Spent all day powerflushing and did a fantastic job. Many thanks to the Powerflush Team”

Mr & Mrs Beamont | Gloucestershire | 13th December 2011


“I would like to give a massive thank you to Colin for all his hard work. ”

Mr Croft | London | 13th December 2011


“A really good service. My central heating had ground to a halt. Powerflush came the day after I called for help. Shaun Aldridge was professional and effective, taking time to work out what the problem was. His work was thorough and my central ceating system has never worked better. Definitely recommended.”

M Higson | Kent | 11th December 2011


“Powerflush promised us a fast, efficient cleanout of our clogged-up CH system. Most of the pipework and three of the 15 rads are 42 years old. Our newish boiler had complained alarmingly after a few days being shut down. Michael Whylie was here within 72 hours. He drove from Bolton, arriving at 8am on Saturday. He worked nonstop for ten and a half hours (no lunch or cups of tea, just water and a banana). He pumped out volumes of black sludge, rusted iron filings, even a pump screw! He was in and out of the house repeatedly — shoes on, shoes off to ensure our carpets stayed clean. The ten-year-old pump failed when he refitted it to two new valves. Mr Whylie produced a new one from his stores in the van, The bill came to £814 (original estimate £594, but I had overlooked a radiator in calculating). We now have fully heated rads, copious hot water, and a boiler that no longer sounds like the sinking of the Titanic when it heats up. Thank you, Michael, for your great service, and our peace of mind and comfort. ”

David Butterfield | Lancashire | 10th December 2011


“I am very pleased with the work Michael Pinder did at my property. He was extremely courteous and dedicated. He does exactly what is said on the tin! 5 Star Service. ”

T. Stow | Lincoln | 8th December 2011


“Lee did a fantastic job with a difficult and old heating system, which is now working as it should.”

Alan | Surrey | 8th December 2011


“I'm very satisfied with Richard's work today, very happy! Mr Roberts”

Mr Roberts | Oxfordshire | 8th December 2011


“Sam was very good and very helpful... He's a nice hard-working chap. 10/10 for service and attitude. ”

J. Summerhaze | Kent | 8th December 2011


“100% improvement in our c h system.thanks to mick pinder.brilliant job.”

Brian | York | 6th December 2011


“Lee Duffield... First Class Service.... Excellent Work”

Mr Thompson | London | 6th December 2011


“Sam did a FANTASTIC job. Many thanks. ”

Mr Winter | Surrey | 5th December 2011


“Richard was very friendly, helpful and efficient. I am very happy with his service. ”

A Williamson | Surrey | 5th December 2011


“I has Sam around on Saturday and I thought he did a fantastic job! It was a challenging system but thankfully because of his experience he was able to carry out the work to a very high standard. I would mark about a huge improvement to the system.”

Peter Rover | London | 5th December 2011


“Although our CH system was working well, I thought it would be worth the cost to have it flushed for the future. Tony arrived at 0800 and worked diligently and professionally for the next seven hours. An engineer of vast experience in his field he explained what was happening beyond our questions. Thank you Tony for a clean and thorough job well done. The Vibraclean took us by surprise! maybe warn the neighbours”

Mr R Salisbury | Hampshire | 4th December 2011


“Joe Newman arrived on time, he was a neat, presentable, friendly guy, and although was keen to setup his equipment as quickly as possible, took the time to explain what he was doing as he went along. He had his work cut out, as a previous company who my Mother had called in to unblock her central heating system had totally failed, and in the process managed to reduce her system from 3 working rads out of 8 , down to none, completely blocking up the whole system in the process. Joe managed to de-sludge all the pipes and got all the rads running nice and hot , as well as replace a seized water pump and swop out a leaking radiator in my Mums dining room. My Mother is in her 80’s and suffers from COPD which causes severe breathing problems which was being aggravated by a cold house, and was suffering from stress brought on by the antics of the first company she had brought in to fix her heating ,and was quite unwell while Joe was there. Knowing this , Joe carried out his work as quietly and smoothly as possible, with a minimum of disruption and mess, and did a marvellous job of reassuring my Mum that all would be fine. My Mother and I cannot thank Joe enough for his dedication, hard work, expertise and professionalism in turning what was a cold, uncomfortable bungalow, into a warm cosy home. ”

Steve Hutton | Coventry | 2nd December 2011


“I was very happy with Lee's work today! Many thanks. ”

Jack Alexander | London | 1st December 2011


“Alun arrived promptly at 0800,spent the whole day cleaning out the system.It is all working well now. All aspects were examined, cleaned and made good. Very professional, everything cleaned up and left after the work was finished as it was before.”

Rowley | Swindon | 24th November 2011


“First Class Service from Barry. Thanks a Million. ”

Mr O'Brian | Milton Keynes | 22nd November 2011


“Mr Pinder Comported himself well in the house and spent a very long time ensuring the entire system was working very well. Thank you very much! F. Hobson”

Frank Hobson | East Riding of Yorkshire | 22nd November 2011


“Barry Nichols carried out an excellent job. He is extremely knowledgeable - a person at the top of his trade. The guidance he gave to us is really helpful”

John Rayer | Kent | 18th November 2011


“I had Shaun round today to flush my radiators and what a fantastic guy! Great job done - I'm so glad I got you guys round to flush our heating, it works so much better now!”

Martene Broxup | London | 18th November 2011


“Shaun was brilliant! I got far more satisfaction from him than I have had from teams of Gasmen walking in and out of my home. You have got a gift there with Shaun, I hope Powerflush Ltd appreciates what an excellent engineer he is!”

Mr Lever | Brighton & Hove | 18th November 2011


“Mick arrived promptly on time and quickly diagnosed a blockage near the pump, which he removed by installing new pipe work, he completed the power flush, he kept me informed every step of the way with the procedure 1st class job by a clean and professionally Technician Thanks Mick.Money well spent. ”

Alan stone | Doncaster | 16th November 2011


“Joseph Newman visited our home for a powerflush. We received such 1st class service. Very happy with how clean and tidy as well as helpful Joseph was. He even went as far as giving us tips on how to get the most out of our heating system. He finished the day by taking out his hoover to clean where he had been set up! ”

Mr Biddell | Wolverhampton | 15th November 2011


“I thought Daniel was very efficient, he worked hard throughout the day. Nice to have working hot water and heating again. Thanks”

Mrs Richardson | Reading | 11th November 2011


“Shaun was a smashing chap. Everything working nicely now - so far so good! Thanks guys!”

Mrs Merchant | Buckinghamshire | 8th November 2011