Power Flushing Herefordshire

Comments for Herefordshire

“I would like to start with saying I would recommend Alun Jones/Powerflush Ltd to anyone who wants a high quality powerflush and excellent customer service. Alun carried out a powerflush a few months ago and then shortly after we began to experience some problems, so as I have a service agreement with British Gas I called them in to only be informed that there is sludge in the system that is causing the problem and that I also needed a filter to be fitted. Naturally I called up Powerlfush Ltd complaining and to my surprise Alun was very happy to come back. Yesterday he visited our house and reflushed the system to find there is NO sludge in the system. I was extremely happy with Aluns work and his fast response. He was confident from before he revisited that the system didn’t need another flush but he still cooperated as I was made to feel the job wasn’t done well by British Gas. British Gas, not only did they do a terrible job diagnosing the problem but also charged me £259 for a 10min visit (which works out to be £600 per hr) for a service I did NOT need but they also charge an arm and a leg for a powerflush that they do not specialise in. BG forces their customers into having a Magna booster fitted when in fact it’s NOT required. So don’t be fooled or pressured into it. I have already recommended Alun to friends and will continue to highly recommend Powerflush Ltd to anyone who has been told that they need to flush out their boiler/system. p.s. Go to Powerflush Ltd before you consider British Gas as they have no clue about powerflushing and I had to learn that the hard way. They took my money and delivered poor service both over the phone and at my property, where else Powerflush Ltd exceeded all my expectations and beyond. Thank you Alun for your excellent work ”

Mr Bates | Herefordshire | 13th June 2012


“I had Kostas come through today, he was wonderful. I couldnt believe how much dirt has come out of my system. Thank You!”

Mrs Walsh | Herefordshire | 25th July 2011


“Alun Jones is a really nice guy and we are extremely pleased with his work, would be happy to recommend him and the service. Thank you.Diolch yr fawr!!”

June Mordey | Herefordshire | 5th July 2011


“Thanks from All Saints Church for the works carried out at our property, heatings never worked better.”

Reverend Paul Willis | Herefordshire | 29th December 2009