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“After a Power Flush from Sean the “ Super Sussex Man “ my home is now warmer than it has ever been , and I have lived here since 2002 . I am very please to recommend the high standard of work and the commitment shown from this organization .”

Mary Clark | Brighton & Hove | 27th January 2011


“Shaun worked really hard all day and did a great job. He was pleasant and helpful and the heating is working well. Many thanks Shaun”

Hadassa | London | 26th January 2011


“Barry ws very punctual, arriving bang on 8am. He worked hard all day giving me lots of advice on my system to make it more energy efficient. At the end of the job Barry made sure that everything was neat and tidy and back in its rightful place which I appreciated. ”

Mrs Gibb | London | 26th January 2011


“Another AAA+ for Sam Aldridge. I'd echo everything that John says earlier, cheerful, professional, knowledgeable and worked like a trooper for 8 hours with only a cup of coffee to keep him going. Always took the time to answer all my silly questions. To be honest I was expecting I'd end up with some Jack the Lad who would only do half of what was suggested in the descriptions and be off after a couple of hours. Instead rather refreshingly Sam delivered everything the site promises. What's more I now keep having to double check the heating boiler and pump are working, because although the house is warm, a whole series of noises that used to emanate form the central heating system have gone. The pump that once sounded like a lumpy Lada is now Roll Royce smooth. I only wish that this company offered more services, such as annual services etc, then I would ditch my current supposedly professional utility company that seems to charge the earth for doing nothing ! ”

Adrian Camm | London | 25th January 2011


“Well Alan turned up on Wednesday as arranged and early before 8 am, excellent, he did a great job and left no mess, very nice guy to have in our home, the system is running much better and the radiator's are all hot except the small front bedroom radiator but that's the last old one and we will replace it as advised. I will recommend your service's to friends and indeed anyone who needs a radiator flush, Alan finished around 7 pm and left as we had run out of Tea bags by then, I shut all the doors in the attic rooms after Alan left on Wednesday on Friday we noticed our one eyed cat Taz was not around, I found him on Saturday in the attic and very vocal and still is, still he needed to lose a bit of weight . ”

David McKinley | Somerset | 24th January 2011


“AAA+ should be given for service provided by Sam Aldridge who came to us yesterday. Our heating has not been this efficient since installation some 20 years ago! He was very professional, friendly, customer service skills excellent and his knowledge could not in my opinion be surpassed. He gave us complete confidence in his ability to provide the service required and more. He worked continuously from the time of his arrival which I must say was when the time was stated he would arrive (this alone is unusual in the service trade) until he went. I could not fault anything at all I only wish there were more companies that had people like Sam on their team. This in my opinion reflects on the company as well as Sam for their high standards - long may it continue!”

John P Foreman | Kent | 21st January 2011


“In fact i live in Feltham.I would like to say thanks to Powerflush but MOST of all Shaun Aldridge.Shaun showed & told me EVERYTHING that he would be doing during the course of cleaning out my Central Heating System.His work was clean & tidy.He was such a pleasant man to talk to,but most of ALL he knew what he was doing.Also he advised me what to do ie after care of the Cental Heating System.PS,if you read this Shaun ''CHEERS MATE''”

Jed Smith | London | 19th January 2011


“I would like to thank Mick Whylie for doing everything in his power to get my heating system back up and running. Its the first powerflush that it has needed in 20yrs and after Micks hard work think it will be good to go for another 20yrs! ”

Steven Poole | Stoke on Trent | 19th January 2011


“We would like to express our appreciation of the work of Sam Aldridge. He came to us on a cold icy day and we were very apprehensive about having the work done in those conditions. He was very reassuring and explained the whole procedure. He worked quietly and efficiently and left the house in a clean and tidy state and the system working well. He was pleasant and a pleasure to have in our home. Many thanks. ”

J & S Rapley | London | 19th January 2011


“We called Powerflush during the cold spell in Dec as our central heating only worked in 3 rooms.Another co quoted £500 more and could not come for a week. Powerflush came within 3days,were punctual,couteous,careful of our goods. The job turned out to be very difficult due to the size of pipes and thick sludge in the radiators.The plumber completed the job in 1 day,even if he finally left at 8pm. The price quote was maintained despite the long hours. We have a delightfuly warm house since the powerflush.

Marilyn Dyrbus | London | 17th January 2011


“I recently had my heating system power flushed by Shaun Aldridge. I wanted to say what an excellent job he did. My previously noisy boiler is now almost silent. He gave me lots of good advice on caring for my heating system. I did appreciate his friendly disposition and explanation of everything he was doing and the reasons for it. We thoroughly recommend Powerflush Ltd.”

Tim O'Sullivan | Essex | 15th January 2011


“We are a plumbing and heating company Tony Lees & Sons, that often refer work to Powerflush. We had Daniel do some work for our customer and after the powerflush called us to report some secondary work that he had spotted. A good lad with a great attitude that has assisted the customer by having their system well on the way to being as good as new.”

Tony Lees | Reading | 13th January 2011


“A big thank you to Alun Jones, a lovely hardworking engineer that was prompt and enjoyable to have around in my home. Also appreciated all of his knowledge and having Alun go out of his way to explain my system to me.”

Andrew Sargeant | Bath & North East Somerset | 13th January 2011


“Finally my kids can have a warm bath, in a warm house! Our Engineer - Lee - arrived on the dot at 8am this morning. Well presented and polite, he worked non stop all day to ensure the boiler was clear of any dirt and sludge. At each step, Lee explained exactly what he was doing and why, gave me good advice regarding my heating and water, and even vacuumed up the many mouse droppings that had accumulated inside the boiler. The heating and water are now working as new, I am so pleased. Thank you Lee. ”

Amanda Bowers | London | 12th January 2011


“I was very pleased with the work carried out by Kostas! We had the work done very succesfully - I am more than happy. He was also very clean and left no mess or anything which was something I was concerned about. Regards, Mr Parsons”

Iain Parsons | Surrey | 10th January 2011


“Sam Aldridge our Power Flush engineer was already outside our property before 8.00am as informed and was soon inspecting our central heating system, with view to clearing a blocked pipe causing a cold radiator in the main bedroom. His preparation, before actually starting to powqer flush was as important as actually clearing the problem we had. All floors were covered in the areas he had to work in to minimise the slightest water spillage (there was none) and the whole system was throughly flushed using a sofisticated pump with an incorporated filter to trap metal particles and swarf residue. He cleared the problem radiator and our heating system as never been as hot as it is now. We would definately recommend \\\'Power Flush\\\' to any one. Thank You! Sam, a credit to your company.”

Corrado & Rita Coltelli | London | 9th January 2011


“Our engineer Sam arrived bang on time and even tried to investigate whether the system really needed a \"Power Flush\" before starting the work. He was very professional, helpful and extremely diligent - giving the boiler and system a through check over as well. I was very impressed by the Powerflush team and would recommend Sam to anyone. Thank you.”

guy twinn | London | 24th December 2010


“Shaun Aldridge was the engineer who attended our property arrived early despite the atrocious weather. He was competent, efficient and cheerful throughout and willingly explained in detail how the purging of the system was achieved. Having restored the central heating to a fully functioning system he ensured the work areas were left clean and tidy. We would recommend his services to anyone.”

Trevor & Yvonne Neighbour | West Sussex | 21st December 2010


“Our engineer arrived early before despite the snow and having driven all the way from Wales. He did a great job in sorting out our system and with great humour - even being prepared to put on the make up our two year old daughter gave him because it would 'make him look prettier' while he worked. Our heating system has never worked as well as it does now. Thank you”

Mark Bruce | Somerset | 18th December 2010


“Lee was our engineer, he was very knowledgeable and explained all the processes in detail. after a long and thorough process he left the work area clean and tidy. overall and very professional service.”

David Beeson | Kent | 17th December 2010


“While I dont generally like leaving comments, have to say that I was more than happy to leave them in this case. I found Shaun Aldridge to be most professional, effective, and knowledgeable- and also very accommodating wrt service. It is rare to get such a great combination of competence and willingness to help and explain, so a good job should be duly recognized- thanks!”

MGJ | London | 15th December 2010


“Many thanks to Colin for an excellent job. He arrived promptly just shortly after 8am on Friday 10th. Thanks to Colin, we now have a home that heats up so much better. The PowerFlush really did the trick. Colin was so dedicated and hard working and didn't even leave until 7:30pm, once the job was completed to a high standard.”

Harmz Matharu | London | 15th December 2010


“Many thanks to Joe (Newman) for an excellent job. We have lived here for 8 years and the central heating has never worked the way it does after Joe "got his hands" on it. Joe was very knowledgable, very tidy and did a great job. Thanks again to Joe and to Powerflush. At last a central heating company that knows what it is talking about! Chris Vincent”

Chris Vincent | Grantham | 10th December 2010


“Firstly can I ask you to give my apologies to Mr Alun Jones the engineer who came yesterday. After his visit I rang your office to query the number of radiators charged. My mistake entirely asI had overlooked one other double one. Can I also place on record my appreciation of the work carried out by him. He arrived on time, worked solid during the time he was here and left the bathroom extremely clean and tidy in view of the large number of work items that he had to use. Touch wood the system is working extremely better and I am grateful Yours Gordon Harrison”

Gordon Harrison | Wiltshire | 10th December 2010


“Mr Shaun Aldridge came around to my house on Portobello Road. He was extremely helpful, informative and a genuinely nice guy. Its rare you get such good service, and great in-depth knowledge. Highly recommended. Thanks Shaun for all your advice.”

Chris Newton | London | 8th December 2010


“Excellent work by Lee Duffield We are now warm allover.Will recommend your procedure to others.”

A. van Tulleken | London | 6th December 2010


“I must comment on the excellent and efficient service which I received from Mr Jefferies and I am very grateful for your rapid attention and organisation. Pleased to say (crossed fingers) that the heating system is now operating very satifactorily and I am very pleased that the work was carried out before the current cold spell. Many thanks.”

Mr R.F. Scaife | Cambridgeshire | 2nd December 2010


“Colin was a very pleasant engineer. As my central heating system is very big he was here from 8am until 10pm. He was very committed to his job and very informative with every question I asked. I told him what I wanted to achieve (outcome) and he fulfilled it. Very impressed with his work. I told him what I wanted to achieve (outcome) and he fulfilled it. Very impressed with his work.”

Jim | Kingston Upon Hull | 1st December 2010


“powerflushs engineer allen was on time and dune a very good job all heating is as it should be,as half the rads were blocked and cold i wood recommend this company,for all plumming problems thankyou. crossways dorset 1. 12.2010.”

fharris | Dorset | 1st December 2010


“Many thanks & to say that we have found a good company to deal with, especially on the phone, quick & efficient. We were also pleased with the powerfllush itself & the man who carried it out, very polite & considerate. I think his name was Richard from Oxford.”

Mrs Plumbridge | Reading | 30th November 2010


“Shaun powerflushed our heating system today and I was impressed by his service. He took care to explain the procedure, was conscientious, and he treated the house with respect. I'd highly recommend this company.”

Roy Hill | Brighton & Hove | 26th November 2010


“We were recommended to you by SCBoiler Maintenace of Haywards Heath who regularly service our Heatslave Combi Oil fired Boiler. After fitting a new pump on 23/11/10 there were areas of our house where the readiators were still cold. Following a phone call to you an appointment was made for 8am on 25/11/10 and your operative, Shaun Aldridge, arrived bang on the dot. He explained what he would do and immeditely set to work. Throughout the whole day he was polite and courteous, took a great deal of trouble to keep everywhere clean and floors covered. As we were interested, he explained each process as he went and obviously took a great deal ofpride in his work and in his ability to solve our problems. The charge at the end of the day was exactly as quoted on the phone. Today we are lovely and warm and all the radiators are working properly. It was a pleasure to have such a pleasant and efficient workman on the premises. If all your operatives are like Shaun, the firm will be a roaring success! We will have no hesitation in recommending him and your firm to our friends.”

Robert Snelling | East Sussex | 26th November 2010


“Very impressed with Kostas. He did a great job. Been without heating for 3 weeks so I am very pleased that my central heating is all working now. ”

Mr Needham | Essex | 25th November 2010


“Shaun Aldridge arrived to-day on time and did a fantastic job flushing our radiators. He was friendly,helpful & totally efficient. couldnt wish for a better service.”

Pam & Dave Stoner | East Sussex | 24th November 2010


“Dear Sir. On Tue.2-11-2010 one of your engineers named Mick Whylie attended my property to carry out a Power Flush service to my central heating system. The work was carried out in a most orderly and profesional manner and every care was given to my property, and as the work proceeded Mick was pleased to answer questions concerning the process. Since the completion of the service I find the effciency of my heating system has been improved beyond my expectations. The radiators now reach a higher temperature in far less time. As a result I am very pleased with a job well done. If all of your engineers are as professional and consciences as Mick I would have no hesitation in recommending your company POWER FLUSH to anyone. Yours sincerely, Peter Martaindale”

Peter Martindale | Stoke on Trent | 23rd November 2010


“We had Sam Aldridge on 4/11/2010 to do a Powerflush on our CH system. We are very satisfied with the painstaking thorough way in which he dealt with our job. He explained every part of the procedure while he was doing it which we found very informative. A nice friendly guy and very approachable & accomodating.”

Mike & Grace Farnell | Surrey | 21st November 2010


“Barry has done a fantastic job, he was punctual and polite throughout the day, leaving our home lovely and warm. Totally worth the money!”

Mr & Mrs Bennett | London | 19th November 2010


“For several years heating - particularly in the bedrooms - we have been experiencing cold radiators. Yesterday, your guy came (Mick Pinder) and did an excellent job on power flushing the system. The gunge that was trapped by the magnet system had to be seen to be believed. The difference is absolutely amazing. Mick was a fantastic worker, methodical, and an obvious perfectionist. He showed us through all the stages of the operation which was impressive. We would have no hesitation in recommending your product - and in particular Mick for his hard work. Kind regards, Michael and Ann Brindle”

Michael Brindle | Leeds | 16th November 2010


“I am so pleased with your service from booking the appointment to your eningeer arriving. Shaun completed the work without fuss or mess, quite a feat given he had a huge amount of clearing and cleaning very grubby radiators whilst he was here.He explained at all times what he was doing and was calm and confident. Good service, great engineer!”

mrs j geer | West Sussex | 16th November 2010


“Lee arrived punctually at 8am. He was friendly & polite and very approchable, willing to explain every stage of the process. The whole procedure was carried out with minimum mess and disruption and everything left clean and tidy.”

Maureen Clarke | London | 10th November 2010


“Shaun did a good job on 05/11/2010 and we were happy with the result.”

TANG YULING | London | 7th November 2010


“Was very impressed with Kostas. Was surprised at the amount of gunk coming out the heating system! thanks for the good job.”

Mr Daymond | London | 4th November 2010


“My name is Carmen and i have never written a review or comment in my life but this is the first time i have to because the service i received today was just beyond 1st class it was a young man by the name of Shaun so very polite and explained in detail what was going to be done he gave me more than enough notice and told me the day he was coming and time which was 8am but arrived 10 minutes early and started straight away i have never had a company such as Power Flush that were so efficient and the job was just perfect all Radiators are 100 per cent including the Boiler and lastly Shaun was so very honest and their training is unmatchable i would without any hesitation use them again and would recommend Power Flush to anybody thank you so very much and especially to Shaun who has done a A++++ job. Carmen Tyter.”

Mrs Carmen Tyter | London | 3rd November 2010


“Sam, the engineer was extreemly professional in all aspects of his work. He arrived on time and carried out the work in a clean and tidy manner and was very thorough in all his work. I would have no problem recommending your company to others. ”

Barry Morgan | Surrey | 1st November 2010


“I wish to say how satisfied I was with the work and friendliness of Mr Joseph Newman when he did the work allocated.”

Robert Palmer | Wolverhampton | 1st November 2010


“Barrie did a great job - very professional and knowledgable. We've already noticed a difference - hotter radiators and hotter water. Hopefully we'll have better heating this winter.”

Christopher Healy | London | 31st October 2010


“Colin did a fine job at my home. Although I wasn't present at the home myself for the job my friend who was there said he was friendly and professional. It was nice to get back to a nice warm home!”

Mark Pitcock | London | 28th October 2010


“Sam was very good, he took his shoes off before coming into our home. He was very respectful of our home, we are very impressed as all of our radiators are lovely and hot.”

Mrs Mapp | Kent | 26th October 2010


“Kostas's service was very good. His work was professionally conducted and he was very focused. ”

Mr S Haddow | Cambridgeshire | 21st October 2010


“a big thank you to shaun aldridge.wonderful service and brillant job done,very friendly and thoughtful young man thanks again.”

mr and mrs gladwin | East Sussex | 20th October 2010