Power Flushing Somerset

Comments for Somerset

“Alan did a great job; efficient, knowledgable and friendly. I would recommend him and your service without reservation.”

Dr Gwinnutt | Somerset | 28th August 2013


“Well Alan turned up on Wednesday as arranged and early before 8 am, excellent, he did a great job and left no mess, very nice guy to have in our home, the system is running much better and the radiator's are all hot except the small front bedroom radiator but that's the last old one and we will replace it as advised. I will recommend your service's to friends and indeed anyone who needs a radiator flush, Alan finished around 7 pm and left as we had run out of Tea bags by then, I shut all the doors in the attic rooms after Alan left on Wednesday on Friday we noticed our one eyed cat Taz was not around, I found him on Saturday in the attic and very vocal and still is, still he needed to lose a bit of weight . ”

David McKinley | Somerset | 24th January 2011


“Our engineer arrived early before 8.am despite the snow and having driven all the way from Wales. He did a great job in sorting out our system and with great humour - even being prepared to put on the make up our two year old daughter gave him because it would 'make him look prettier' while he worked. Our heating system has never worked as well as it does now. Thank you”

Mark Bruce | Somerset | 18th December 2010


“Very pleased with the service that I got from Powerflush, thank you Alun.”

Barbara Pounds | Somerset | 8th July 2010


“Alun the Welshman visited my central heating system and was clean, efficient & tidy. Thank you to the Head Office staff at Powerflush for organising my Warm Front grant, saving £300. That was a real treat!”

Ron Bradley | Somerset | 6th July 2010


“Really pleased by the work done on my heating system. The engineer Alan was excellent and really friendly. The system works really fine now!”

Martin Butler | Somerset | 30th June 2010


“The previous comment from Peter Lees could have been written by me. I've been able to turn the thermostat down a few notches and all radiators are working as they've never worked before. I would recommend this company every time. - Good work Alun!”

Richard Chinnery | Somerset | 12th December 2009


“Alun was excellent. He arrived on time, did not stop working even when offered lunch, only accepting a coffee. I am an 80 year old engineer so I enjoyed his stage by stage explanations but most of all he was a nice person.”

Derek Whitehouse | Somerset | 16th September 2009