Power Flushing Milton Keynes

Comments for Milton Keynes

“Steve Radford did a very professional job indeed. His knowledge of this business is encyclopaedic! The function of an only partly working radiator has been restored after years of not working Many thanks”

John T | Milton Keynes | 8th December 2016


“First Class Service from Barry. Thanks a Million. ”

Mr O'Brian | Milton Keynes | 22nd November 2011


“Richard Jeffries has done a very good job for us. Our system was not performing as it should, even thougn it is an old central heating system with a relatively new boiler. He came on time, he explained what would happen, was very decent with his language, and very approachable with the questions I had. He made us feel he knew what he was doing, quitely efficient. I would recommend him and the company to anyone.”

Leslie Morgan | Milton Keynes | 11th October 2011