Power Flushing Peterborough

Comments for Peterborough

“I thought Kostas was a good lad, he took me through the process and gave me a good insight into how it all works. I'm very pleased. Now I'm just going to bleed the rads just to make sure any excess air is removed and to make sure it's all heating up nicely. ”

Mr Twigg | Peterborough | 6th September 2011


“I thought Mick Pinder was brilliant, he really knows his trade inside and out and I was please to see that. Cheers Powerflush”

Andy Herd | Peterborough | 15th July 2011


“Pleased with Micheal Pinders work today. Could not believe how gunked up my heating system was! Much Obliged”

Matthew | Peterborough | 5th July 2011


“A big thank you to Kostas for all of his effort during the day powerflushing. I have never seen somebody work non stop without a break.”

Joyce Benstead | Peterborough | 13th May 2010


“Kostas was excellent - a very good technician. He was very clean with his work and all was carried out satisfactory, we will definately be recommending Powerflush”

Anthony Piercy | Peterborough | 28th April 2010