Noticed any powerflush warning symptoms?

Cold radiators or dirty water present when bleeding

Cold radiators or dirty bleed water?

Irritating boiler noise from lime scale and sludge build up, a warning sign of imminent costly problems. avoid with a power flush

Boiler cuts out or makes noises?

Radiators cold all over due to blocked valves and pipes. Powerflush to unblock

Cold home due to blocked pipes?

No hot water due to blocked pipes and heat exchangers. unblock with a powerflush

Hot water: not very hot or fluctuates between hot and cold?

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Powerflush Managing Director: Tarquin Purdie

Powerflush Managing Director: Tarquin Purdie


How Powerflush Ltd started

In 1990 Powerflush's founder, Tarquin Purdie, owned a house which had expensive gas bills and cold radiators full of dirty black water. Plumbers explained that sludge causes blockages in pipes, making it harder for heat to circulate to radiators.

The boiler stayed on for long periods, wasting gas, trying to get everything hot, costing much more money than a clean system would and the house still did not get warm. The plumbers, however, were not properly equipped, experienced and more importantly they were not enthusiastic.

Tarquin had 10 years experience of corrosion whilst working as a mechanical engineer for ESSO and Shell. He was soon writing technical guides for Corgi and later Gas Safe showing them the best way to thoroughly clean central heating systems. Nowadays Powerflush Ltd is recommended by Boiler Manufacturers from Ariston to Worcester Bosch, working for home owners across the country.

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Our professional and friendly engineers will thoroughly powerflush your central heating system guaranteeing you:

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